Custom Shirts

A beautiful tailored shirt will fit you well, however, a custom tailored shirt will fit you in a matter that flatters your body, style, and personality. The beauty of a custom tailored shirt is embedded in the flawless construction and design of the shirt.

Why Janine Giorgenti Should Design Your Next Tailored Shirt? 

Janine Giorgenti is synonymous with fashion for New York’s most discerning clients.

A fourth-generation American-Italian fashion stylist and designer, Janine was schooled in the trade of making luxurious tailored shirts by her Mother and Grandmother. Janine has been fine-tuning the art of making flawless custom tailored shirts for over thirty years.

Giorgenti tailored shirts are carefully made of single-needle tailoring using these fine points of a great custom tailored shirt.

  • (20) stitches per inch to render truly smooth and durable seams
  • Hand cut collars to meet and “huge” the neck without forming any bulges
  • Matching stripes (shoulder to sleeves) to give a clean and organized look
  • German fusing is employed to keep the collar crisp and beautiful
  • ‘Mother of the Pearl’ buttons are embedded as a staple of luxury shirts

All great products are crafted with a certain degree of attention to detail. A Giorgenti custom tailored shirt fits that description.

Janine Giorgenti has a stellar reputation, having amassed over 50,000 custom tailored shirt customers, maintaining the belief that her customers deserve the very best.

You deserve the best, you deserve a Giorgenti tailored shirt.

Giorgenti features

  • Tuxedos
  • Dressy suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Bow-Ties
  • Cummerbunds
  • Vests
  • Cufflinks
  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Suspenders
  • Accessories

Bespoke Suits

When only the best will do – experience a bespoke suit by Giorgenti. Individually cut and sewn by only a handful of master tailors, a Giorgenti bespoke garment is a work of art unto itself. All interlinings, canvas, and buttons are imported directly from Italy. Our exclusive imported goat hair canvas creates a soft drape and molds to our client’s body the longer it is worn.

All shoulders are draped by hand on individual bucks prior to sewing to ensure a true bespoke fit. Hand-crafted armholes, combined with a true leaf-turned collar creates a fit only found in hand tailoring.
Each jacket also comes lavishly appointed with additional hand work including the lapel hole with its own boutonniere loop – a detail rarely found outside the Italian Peninsula.

Experience a bespoke garment for yourself – you’ll be glad you did.

Custom Made

The finest in canvas fronts, combined with advanced pattern and cutting technology makes our custom made suits, sport coats and dress slacks and tuxedos an excellent bridge garment. Computer cut and featuring our extraordinary canvas fronts, this garment fits the bill for the client who demands a quality garment, but still wants value and performance.

Several Giorgenti Custom Made Suits Features:


  • Canvas front construction
  • Hand-basted collar
  • Hand-finished armholes
  • Hand-finished sleeve linings
  • Deluxe sweat shields
  • Full lining and card pocket standard

  • Special two-piece waistband with hand-pleated curtain
  • Woven Silesia inside fly for stability
  • Heel guards for extra wear on cuffs
  • Grip pads inside waistband

Lawyer Suits

The Authority in Dressing Strategically

Janine Giorgenti has dressed some of New York’s brightest legal minds across several practice areas, for over the past 25 years. Featured in The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CBS, Vogue Magazine, and other top media outlets, Janine is an expert in assessing a lawyer’s unique wardrobe needs using their physical characteristics (skin tone, eye color, hair color, body and face shape), particular practice area, and lifestyle.

A Corporate Partner at the Nassau County Bar Association and a ‘Partner for Justice’ with the NYSTLA (New York State Trial Lawyers Association), Janine is a recognized authority in clothing psychology and the specific impact that different colors, fabrics, textures, and styles communicate when incorporated into a lawyer’s outfit. Whether you are counseling a client or dominating the courtroom, your attire can offer powerful, strategic advantages.

Giorgenti features

  • Custom Suits
  • Dress Shirts
  • Sport Coats
  • Slacks
  • Dress Shoes
  • Ties
  • Dress Jeans
  • Dressy suits
  • Accessories


If you’re looking for the best Bar Mitzvah suits on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, there’s only one place to go. Janine Giorgenti has been custom fitting Long Island’s Jewish community for over a quarter of a century. From Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, to weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, temple, religious holidays and more; Janine Giorgenti will custom fit you and your family in a suit ensemble that will have you turning heads.

Janine Giorgenti, world renown fashion designer and custom stylist, has established herself as the go-to authority for the most fashion forward New Yorkers. Janine, a 4th generation Italian-American, patterns her fashion and design concepts that have transcended decades.

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is not only a monumental moment in the life of a young Jewish boy or girl, it is a proud bookmark in the lives of the family. It is a day to be celebrated. As Jewish Long Islanders know, wearing your best Bar Mitzvah suit shows you as someone who truly understands the brevity of the moment at hand, as well as a positive indication of your overall style – and fashion sense – to your friends, family members, colleagues, and well wishers. In addition, Giorgenti suits are Shatnez-free : free from the forbidden blend of wool and linen.

Janine Giorgenti can custom make small and special sizes, custom suits, custom shirts and ties, to make sure that your son is wearing a Bar Mitzvah suit that makes him the absolute star of the party! Why buy an ill-fitting, limited selection off-the-rack suit, when you can invest in a beautiful custom made Bar Mitzvah suit designed specially for him?

Whether your special boy is looking for a Bar Mitzvah suit that’s got the cool In a youthful cool-looking style, a matching ensemble with a shirt and tie, or perhaps a trendy open collar shirt ‘worn out’ look that kids just love; Janine has you covered.

Janine Giorgenti understands the clothing needs of the Jewish community. Giorgenti is an expert in working with different ages and body shapes; taking in to consideration the most flattering colors and styles to compliment her clients’ personal style, hair color, eye color and skin tone.

The key is to not wait! Between booking a Bar/Bat Mitzvah venue, DJ, photographer and videographer, caterer, etc; you want to make sure that the most important element – a wonderful custom Bar Mitzvah suit – is taken care of.

Made to Measure

Giorgenti’s hallmark. The industry standard for made-to-measure. Giorgenti is the leader in fused and performance enhanced technology. Utilizing exclusive woven fusibles from Freudenberg of Germany, Giorgenti’s made-to-measure is the best value in tailored clothing today.

Soft Fused Construction

Giorgenti helped pioneer soft fused technology. Light, lofty, and buttery to the hand, Giorgenti’s new soft jackets are a marvel to our clients. Specifically designed for use on lightweight finer cloths, our soft fused construction gives both stability and a soft gentle roll to the lapel.

Each Giorgenti garment is individually designed on our custom CAD system for each client. The garment is computer cut and machine sewn to your specifications. Hailed as one of the best buys in the industry, our made-to-measure is a tremendous value for your wardrobe.

Ready To Wear

Ready to wear, suit separates


Make a fashion statement with Giorgenti ready to wear suit and suit separates.

With a tradition built on quality; Giorgenti ready to wear clothing are made using the latest fashion technology and are built to last. Featuring a large variety of beautiful fabrics, colors, and patterns, Giorgenti ready to wear suits and suit separates please the most discerning fashion tastes.

Wedding Suits and Tuxedos

It’s your wedding day. All eyes are on you.

It’s the moment you and your significant other have waited for the moment you laid eyes on each other. Now the eyes of an entire wedding party are on you, with camera lenses snapping from all angles and smartphones sending images of you to every social media app.

This is your moment. This is your time.

Make your mark with a beautiful wedding suit/tuxedo from Giorgenti.

World renown fashion designer and custom stylist Janine Giorgenti, the choice of New York’s top professionals, celebrities, and professional athletes, has been creating Long Island’s best wedding suits and wedding tuxedos for over a quarter of a century.

Whether it’s yours, a friend’s, or a close family member’s special day; Janine has the look for you.

Giorgenti features

  • Tuxedos
  • Dressy suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Bow-Ties
  • Cummerbunds
  • Vests
  • Cufflinks
  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Suspenders
  • Accessories