Our Mission

Custom made clothing in a friendly, inclusive, and caring environment. Giorgenti designs custom made clothing for men and women for all occasions, including weddings, social events, business attire and casual wear.

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How It Works

Step 1- Get Acquainted

Your first experience with your GIORGENTI designer is more like a “getting acquainted” experience. In this initial consultation we get to understand your style preferences, the fabrics, and colors you like, including what occasion you will be wearing your custom-made clothing. Many clients bring in a picture from Pinterest or Instagram for style inspiration or collaborate with us to create the perfect outfit tailored just for you.

Step 2- Get Your Measurments Taken

Your Giorgenti stylist will take over 23 measurements including noting your posture and shoulder slope to ensure a perfect fit. We will also use try-on samples using a modification technique for you to see the vision of what the final product will look like.

Step 3- The 'TA-DA' Moment

This is the “Ta-Da” moment. Think of it as a dress rehearsal where you will try on your clothing ensemble and discuss how to wear it. We will combine accessories for the finishing touch. If your garment should require an adjustment, we have our tailor on staff!

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Giorgenti Custom Clothing Suits NYC
  • (5.0)
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Giorgenti Custom Clothing Suits NYC