The Olive Green Suit Trend


Olive Green suits can be a very valuable addition to your wardrobe! The immense versatility and rustic vibe gives a cool, new fashion-forward look. These suits can be broken up very well into suit separates, and pair well with colors like khakis and browns, ecru.

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Different Textures for Olives

Olive Green suiting fabrics can come in different textures such as tweeds, birdseyes, sharkskins, and many other textures to add depth to an outfit, and makes it easier to break these suits into separates!


Plaids And Windowpanes

These olive suits can also come in absolutely stunning plaid and windowpane patters, to offer a more modern and fashion-forward look!



Men’s Casual Meets Classy!

Men's Casual

Men’s Casual Meets Classy!
Finally, a classy look that’s comfortable! Men’s suiting styles have changed so much in 2018. Guys have evolved with their level style in ways that have been totally unseen in fashion before, and are taking the simple suit and pairing it with casual-wear to create the ultimate classy and comfortable look!

Men's Casual

Ditch The Tie!
Yes, you can look classy and business appropriate (in certain settings) without a tie! Picture this; take a textured blazer and a pressed, solid t-shirt, pair it with dress trousers or stretch jeans, and you have the hottest look for 2018, all while maximizing comfort!

Men's Casual

The Sportcoat Is Essential
Owning a sportcoat this season is absolutely essential, as the sportcoat textures and patterns compliment solid shirts so easily, and allow for maximum versatility with all different shades and colors of stretch jeans, dress trousers, and shorts. You should actually own a couple of these if your companies dress code is “Business Casual.” Just a t-shirt and jeans will NOT cut it.

Men's Casual

Who Knew A T-Shirt Could Be So Dressy?
Owning CLEAN and well-fitting t-shirts, and custom tailored suits is the key to pulling off this stylish look in optimal comfort. It’s so easy to pair a full suit with a simple t-shirt and come off almost just as classy as a man wearing a full suit, with all the comfort in the world! Plus, everyone will see you’re modern and on-trend with what’s going on the world! Can’t let yourself get behind!

Men's Casual

The David Beckham Three Piece Suit!

The David Beckham Three Piece Suit!
Wardrobe Versatility At It’s Finest
The perfect way to make a wardrobe on a limited budget is to purchase pieces that work well together and offer more than one outfit! Usually the best way to do this is purchase a piece with colors or patterns that work well with another solid suit.
The David Beckham Three Piece Suit!
Mix & Match
Working with tone-on-tone colors is an easy way to work plaid and solid separates with each other. This offers multiple outfits and will avoid making you look like you’re “wearing that suit AGAIN.”
The David Beckham Three Piece Suit!
Contrast Colors Are Best Friends
Contrast colors and complimentary colors can work very well with each other when done correctly! Light colors contrasted with dark tend to work best, and offer a hot fashion-forward look!
The David Beckham Three Piece Suit!

Top Back To Work Looks

The students are back to school, the days are getting shorter, and now it’s time to get ready to get back to business! Make sure you look like you’re ready to close that deal or pitch that sale! This season, three piece suits, plaids suits, and dressy-casual looks are reigning the scene.

Business Plaids
Plaid suits and windowpane suits are taking over the fashion scene as one of the hottest trends, and is a perfect way to seem more powerful or more collected than your competition, or can also make you appear more interesting when pitching sales!

Time To Go Tieless!
Do business-casual the right with a casual, yet classy suit! These suits are perfect to wear with no tie, and are perfect Friday looks for in the office, and after hours without having to go home to change.

Sportcoats & Jeans
The blazer is the perfect thing to throw over a pair of jeans on a busy morning when you’re rushing out the house! This makes business casual so easy, you just can’t mess it up. Make sure you have a few of these handy.

Casual Dress Shirts
The casual dress shirt is the epitome of ultimate comfort and dressiness in Menswear! As long as your shirt is custom-fitted to your body and your outfit is color-coordinated, you should be golden with this one!

Casual Dress Shirts

Striped Shirts Are The New Fashion Forward

Striped Shirts

For the past few years, striped dress shirts were always seen as the “grandpa shirt,” or the “lawyer shirt.” These shirts, however, were often seen as unfavorable as these men chose to wear them ill-fitted and matched these shirts poorly. Today, the striped shirts are becoming even more fashionable than the plaids!

The Key Is The Fit
To avoid looking like an unmade bed or looking like you didn’t know that to wear this morning, make sure you have your shirt properly fitted by an experienced tailor! (Keyword: Experienced!)

Match Your Colors Correctly
Make sure you match your striped colors correctly and take into account what colors work together, and which ones don’t! For example, try wearing a tailored blue suit (Not dark navy, blue), as well as a light pink striped shirt with no tie, and watch how your outfit transforms your whole look when your colors work together! It’s important to understand which colors work with each other when dressing professionally!