New Stretch Suits and Dress Pants

Suits That Feel Like Pyjamas!

Giorgenti is always on the grind when it comes to the latest and greatest in modern fabric technology. This year, we are absolutely changing the game with brand new 4-Way STRETCH Suits and Pant fabrics! These are lightly constructed to feel literally like a second skin! We have now more colors and patterns than ever in stretch fabrics for suitings and pants.

Lycra Under A Microscope

The addition of 2% Lycra to our suits adds a whole new depth and dimension to our suits and pants, as Lycra fibers are able to stretch over 400% without breaking at a base level! This allows our pants and suits to move with your body and feel as if you’re wearing nothing!

Stretch Royal Blue Muted Plaid Suit

Green Blazer with Stretch White Pants

Light Grey Heathered Stretch Blazer with Stretch White Pants

How To Do The Black Tux The Right Way!

The “penguin tux” phrase tends to give the classic black tux a negative connotation. However, you can easily achieve a classic and flattering look for any groom with a bespoke black tuxedo made just for him. With the right fit, any groom will look amazing with a black tuxedo! Here are our favorite black tuxedo looks for the classy man!

Black Tuxedo with Satin Peak Lapel

Black Tuxedo with Black Shawl Lapel

Black Jacquard Tuxedo with Satin Shawl

Black Peak Lapel with Black Satin and Picstitching

Like Any Of These Outfits? We Can Custom Make Them For You At Our Giorgenti Showroom On Long Island!