(Managing Partner,Ernst & Young)
knows how to stand out

Are you using your wardrobe to separate yourself from the crowd?

Janine Giorgenti has helped many CPAs, CFOs and Controllers represent themselves in a conservative sophisticated manner. You are your clients’ advisor, helping them to make critical choices. Like a physician refers his patient to a specialist, you advise them where to purchase insurance, make investments and safeguard their businesses. Clients need to believe in you and your advice.

Does your wardrobe accurately represent your skills? What’s more, does it reflect your fees? Your attire should instill a feeling of confidence and trust. By dressing the part, you position yourself as a professional with valuable opinions.

This does not mean you need to own five identical blue pinstripe suits. Giorgenti can show you how to create a wardrobe that projects an air of confidence and credibility without being bland.

Your wardrobe should range from traditional suits to more contemporary styles. A strong conservative suit is a must for business, but there are times when a suit isn’t necessary. Giorgenti will help you select the appropriate attire for any situation.

Business casual days for example, promote an atmosphere where your dress should reflect professionalism in an informal relaxed manner. The look and feel is more casual. For this reason your wardrobe needs to range form traditional suits to status casual attire. The country club, is another example where your dress should have an air of formality, but look and feel more casual.

Because Giorgenti has direct access to textile mills, we offer the finest quality at a fraction of the price. The Giorgenti suit is no more expensive than the average retail store’s suit. But at Giorgenti you get personal service and a totally custom tailored solution.

Your Giorgenti suit will be made of the finest fabrics and fit better than any suit you have ever owned. Our wardrobe consultants will also show you which fabrics and styles work best for your career and lifestyle.

Take advantage of our special wardrobe packages available for the accounting professionals. Visually empower yourself by calling our offices today to schedule a wardrobe consultation, or fill out the form below and one of our consultants will call you tomorrow. The consultation is free–the advice is invaluable.