What To Wear On The Weekend

What To Wear On The Weekend To Make Sure You Look AMAZING!

We know it can be hard to decide what to wear on the weekend, and maintain a clean and sophisticated look. But here at Giorgenti, we’re happy to help you bring the most out of your wardrobe, and strive for the maximum amount of versatility! It’s good to have different garments and colors in your wardrobe, and have many different styles to mix together. Here are a few ways to maximize your wardrobe and put pieces together!:

Throwing on the blazer from the grey suit you wore during the work week is perfect to pair with a nice, dark pair of medium wash jeans. You can complete this look with either a clean dress shirt, or a t-shirt!

Your bomber jacket can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe! This can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or, for a more classy look, pair it with a dress shirt and nice trim dress pants!

Suits don’t have to be boring. They also don’t have to JUST be for the office! A nice looking summer-colored suit with a t shirt is a guaranteed hit with everyone! 😉

One of the classiest and most well-respected looks in casual Menswear is the two-piece suit with no tie. Especially when wearing a plaid or windowpane suit, a nice tone-on-tone dress shirt to match the color of the suit will be a killer outfit!

Best Wedding Suits

Your Perfect Custom Wedding Suit!

When it comes to making a special wedding outfit, it always starts with getting the best fit! Fit is ALWAYS key, and to be honest, ready-to-wear or off-the-rack suits just won’t cut it. To get your truly special wedding outfit, it always come from a well-crafted custom made suit. Here are just a few of the suits we can do for you in your absolute PERFECT fit!:

Brown Tweed Three Piece Suit

Cream Linen Two Piece Suit with Linen Shirt

Light Pearl Grey Suit

Light Blue Suit

Forest Green Suit

Double Breasted Houndstooth Suit

Two Piece Blue Suit with Grey Herringbone Vest

Summer Suit Favorites!

Because You Shouldn’t Be Satisfied Wearing Shorts and a T-Shirt…

Many may disagree with me, but if you’re at work in the office, shorts and a t-shirt just won’t cut it. It’s inappropriate, and trust me, nobody wants to to see that. Now we know most businesses these days run a business casual dress code, however there is a very fine line between business casual, and just casual. But trust us, it makes ALL the difference.

An easy way to look impeccable, yet staying comfortable and not “too overdressed” is to take your suit and pair it with a nice clean t shirt. Whether it is a patterned suit, or a solid, this look always comes out killer!

Jeans, to a degree, have become accepted as part of the business casual wardrobe. However, there is a proper way to go about wearing them correctly. Take a nice fitting pair of jeans and throw them on with a dress shirt and a blazer for a smart and casual look that comes widely respected by all.

For a very hot day, try wearing a nice clean dress shirt with just a pair of crisp pressed trousers. This is always a go-to for a daily look!

One of the best outfits for the office during those summer days is to throw a nice vest over your dress shirt to compensate for going tie-less! This is an easy way to take your outfit to the next level.

For those who love to dress (and you should), the ultimate outfit is to throw on a nice linen blazer with a contrasting vest and pair of trousers. Wether you go tie-less with this one, or throw on the tie for extra class, this outfit is definitely the one that earns the most respect from all, especially us! 😉

How Your Groom should Look For A Classy Wedding!

The NEW Black Tux

The “penguin tux” phrase tends to give the classic black tux a negative connotation. However, you can easily achieve a classic and flattering look for any groom with a bespoke black tuxedo made just for him. With the right fit, any groom will look amazing with a black tuxedo! Here are our favorite black tuxedo looks for the classy man!

Black Satin Lapel Tuxedo with Black Vest & Black Bowtie

Black Tuxedo with Narrow Peak Lapels and Picstitching

A Beautiful Black Brocade Jacket with Black Satin Shawl Collar

Black Dinner Jacket with Black Satin and White Pocket Square

New Suit and Sportcoat Colors!

Color Is 2019’s Hottest Trend, Period!

We saw this coming a mile away, and the wave has finally hit, Men are wearing bolder colors and styles than ever, and they look damn GOOD!

Light Blue Suit with Pink Shirt

Menswear doesn’t just consist of the charcoal grey and navy blue that we all know and love anymore, there is so much more to look forward to (finally!)

Green Plaid Three Piece Suit

From greens to browns, and oranges to yellows, and even pinks and reds, here are some of the best ways to pull of bold colors and patterns:

Purple Plaid with White and Purple Striped Shirt and Purple Tie

Before, color in Menswear was ignored, however that is no longer the case, as we have picked up the coolest new colors for 2019’s biggest trend, and we are ready to unveil some new and exciting ways to pull of the dopest colors we got!

Brown and Red Plaid Three Piece

Burgundy-Ivory Windowpane Blazer with White Trousers

Grey-Blue Overcheck Blazer with Blue Striped Shirt

Burgundy Three Piece Suit

Top Three Piece Suits!

Three Piece Suits Are Your Best Purchase

A Three Piece suit is a man’s finest and most intelligent clothing purchase He can make. These suits offer a plethora of outfit combinations when combined with a man’s established wardrobe, and delivers an unmatched amount of versatility. These three piece suits versatility can be pushed even further by pairing these outfits with jeans or even sweaters! Here are some of our favorite three piece looks that offer a wide range of classic flexibility for a wardrobe:

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: Z2-3340203

Burgundy and Blue Plaid Three Piece Suit

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: K4-3339633

Olive Green Tweed Three Piece Suit

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: K5-3745413

Light Grey with Purple Overcheck Three Piece Suit

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: C6-3337029 suit & LA-3644406 vest

Grey and Black Windowpane Coat and Trouser with Grey Solid Vest

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: LA-3644396

Pinstripe Three Piece Suit with Black Turtleneck

GIORGENTI Fabric Code: Z2-3339983

Light Grey Three Piece Sharkskin Suit

How To Wear A Printed Shirt

What To Wear Printed Shirts With

Giorgenti’s new collection of casual shirtings is now more diverse and colorful than ever! With prints ranging from micro dots, to dobbies and paisleys to florals, our new shirting collection gives us more fashion and variety than ever. At Giorgenti, our team is trained to outfit you for every aspect of your life, depending on your style, lifestyle, what your hobbies are, and especially what colors look great on you! Here are a couple of ideas on how to wear your printed shirts:

Blue Tuxedo Jacket with Floral Shirt and no tie

Plaid Shirt with White jeans and White Sneakers

White and Black Striped Shirt with Black Ripped Jeans and Loafers

Printed Shirt Microprint Shirt with Red and White tie and White Jeans

Blue Floral Shirt with Black Dress Pants

New Stretch Suits and Dress Pants

Suits That Feel Like Pyjamas!

Giorgenti is always on the grind when it comes to the latest and greatest in modern fabric technology. This year, we are absolutely changing the game with brand new 4-Way STRETCH Suits and Pant fabrics! These are lightly constructed to feel literally like a second skin! We have now more colors and patterns than ever in stretch fabrics for suitings and pants.

Lycra Under A Microscope

The addition of 2% Lycra to our suits adds a whole new depth and dimension to our suits and pants, as Lycra fibers are able to stretch over 400% without breaking at a base level! This allows our pants and suits to move with your body and feel as if you’re wearing nothing!

Stretch Royal Blue Muted Plaid Suit

Green Blazer with Stretch White Pants

Light Grey Heathered Stretch Blazer with Stretch White Pants

How To Do The Black Tux The Right Way!

The “penguin tux” phrase tends to give the classic black tux a negative connotation. However, you can easily achieve a classic and flattering look for any groom with a bespoke black tuxedo made just for him. With the right fit, any groom will look amazing with a black tuxedo! Here are our favorite black tuxedo looks for the classy man!

Black Tuxedo with Satin Peak Lapel

Black Tuxedo with Black Shawl Lapel

Black Jacquard Tuxedo with Satin Shawl

Black Peak Lapel with Black Satin and Picstitching

Like Any Of These Outfits? We Can Custom Make Them For You At Our Giorgenti Showroom On Long Island!

Because Your Jeans Shouldn’t Make You Look Sloppy

With the rise of a “business casual” dress code in many industries now, a lot, and we mean A LOT, of men are starting to look worse when it comes to their appearance, as they believe business casual means “White T-Shirt, baggy jeans and sandals.” Please, save that for the golf course, not the office. That being said, jeans ARE however becoming very acceptable to wear around the office, and there is definitely a right and wrong way to wear them. Your jeans should be trim and fit correctly to your body. Don’t worry, modern technology makes slimmer cut denim much more comfortable now with added stretch and softness!

(Navy Blue Blazer with Medium Wash Jeans and Dress Shirt and Tie)

Medium Wash Jeans are kind of your perfect wash, not too dark, not too light, so they can pretty much go with everything. You can pair them with a lighter blazer, such as a light grey, or go dark, with a dark navy. It’s always acceptable to still wear a shirt and tie with these jeans and the blazer as well! Perfect outfit for the office.

(Tan Blazer with Navy Turtleneck and Light Wash Jeans)
Light Wash Jeans make for a beautiful summer outfit, and can be paired best with light colored blazers and shirts for a warm weather touch. This is a definite essential for the warmer seasons.

(Charcoal Blazer with Light Grey Jeans)
Monochromatic looks are absolutely perfect for the modern office, as they are trendy and offer a fresh and new appearance. Light Grey Jeans paired with other grey tones offer an absolutely beautiful look!

(Tan Blazer and Dark Indigo Jeans)
Dark Indigo Jeans seem to be everyones favorite “first pair,” as they are a modern classic essential that pretty much go with everything!

(Black Jeans with Charcoal Overcoat, Dress Shirt and Brown Sweater)
Black Jeans happen to be my personal favorite (Alejandro.) Black jeans are the literal easiest pair to grab-and-go and match with anything in the morning, and also, if fitted correctly, literally can pass off as actual dress pants in some instances in the eyes of others! These are my personal favorite!