Because Your Jeans Shouldn’t Make You Look Sloppy

With the rise of a “business casual” dress code in many industries now, a lot, and we mean A LOT, of men are starting to look worse when it comes to their appearance, as they believe business casual means “White T-Shirt, baggy jeans and sandals.” Please, save that for the golf course, not the office. That being said, jeans ARE however becoming very acceptable to wear around the office, and there is definitely a right and wrong way to wear them. Your jeans should be trim and fit correctly to your body. Don’t worry, modern technology makes slimmer cut denim much more comfortable now with added stretch and softness!

(Navy Blue Blazer with Medium Wash Jeans and Dress Shirt and Tie)

Medium Wash Jeans are kind of your perfect wash, not too dark, not too light, so they can pretty much go with everything. You can pair them with a lighter blazer, such as a light grey, or go dark, with a dark navy. It’s always acceptable to still wear a shirt and tie with these jeans and the blazer as well! Perfect outfit for the office.

(Tan Blazer with Navy Turtleneck and Light Wash Jeans)
Light Wash Jeans make for a beautiful summer outfit, and can be paired best with light colored blazers and shirts for a warm weather touch. This is a definite essential for the warmer seasons.

(Charcoal Blazer with Light Grey Jeans)
Monochromatic looks are absolutely perfect for the modern office, as they are trendy and offer a fresh and new appearance. Light Grey Jeans paired with other grey tones offer an absolutely beautiful look!

(Tan Blazer and Dark Indigo Jeans)
Dark Indigo Jeans seem to be everyones favorite “first pair,” as they are a modern classic essential that pretty much go with everything!

(Black Jeans with Charcoal Overcoat, Dress Shirt and Brown Sweater)
Black Jeans happen to be my personal favorite (Alejandro.) Black jeans are the literal easiest pair to grab-and-go and match with anything in the morning, and also, if fitted correctly, literally can pass off as actual dress pants in some instances in the eyes of others! These are my personal favorite!