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What is a Bespoke suit?

For our most discerning customers, our bespoke suit is painstakingly made from scratch to our customers’ specific measurements. Giorgenti New York bespoke suits and custom made clothing are measured by an experienced custom clothier and stitched by master tailors.


Don’t Let Stores Fool you with False Bespoke Tailoring Claims

Giorgenti New York bespoke suits are the real deal. Fine hand-made suits and custom clothing made to our customer’s specific body measurements. It is not a made to measure suit, as people are fooled to believe by many clothing stores. A made to measure suit is just a standard suit that has been pre-altered to certain measurements and details.

Treat Yourself to a Fine Giorgenti New York Bespoke Suit

When only the best will do, experience a bespoke suit by Giorgenti New York. What makes Giorgenti New York bespoke suits the best? Giorgenti New York bespoke suits are individually cut and sewn by only a handful of master tailors. Giorgenti New York bespoke custom clothing is crafted into a work of art. All canvas, interlinings, and buttons are imported directly from Italy. Our bespoke custom clothing is hand made to your specific measurements. Our talented designers will help you choose the right fabrics and styles to design the perfect outfit just for you.

Old-World Italian Craftsmanship Coupled with Cutting Edge Technology

Giorgenti New York combines old-world Italian craftsmanship with modern cutting edge technology. Our exclusive imported Italian goat hair canvas molds to our client’s unique body shape creating a feather-soft drape. Other features include hand-crafted armholes, hand-stitched
canvas, and hand-sewn buttonholes. Combined this with a leaf-turned collar for a gently rolled lapel and you have a perfect bespoke custom garment.

So what are you waiting for? Come on New York. Get the best bespoke suit by Giorgenti New York today.