Special Interview Suit Offer

For Students And Recent Graduates

$695 For A Suit, Tie And Shirt

It’s been documented: two candidates with the same credentials are interviewed. The one who lands the job is the one who looks the part!

You’ve studied hard for many years, spending thousands of dollars to get to this point. So why drop the ball regarding your appearance, only to be ousted by the candidate who projects abetter image than you?

We know the dress codes and protocol of all industries. We will help you create the right image whether you are interviewing at a very conservative corporate culture or the creative entertainment field.

Giorgenti can even guide you as to what to wear for an interview at the most casual Internet company, helping you land the job of your dreams! Before you utter a single word.. your clothes speak for you! (Right or wrong), people judge your intelligence, education, social status and competence based on your appearance. Giorgenti will show you how to dress and look the part, empowering you, giving you the edge and confidence you need!

Not only won’t we let you drop the ball. we will help you cross the goal line with our winning dressing techniques as seen on CNBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox: Interviewing dressing tips:

A. Dress two levels up from the position you are looking for today, so your future employer sees you climbing up the corporate ladder.

B. Having more than one interview suit in your wardrobe arsenal, so you are prepared for callbacks.§ Always dress on the formal side, no matter how the people in your industry dress.

C. Understanding which colors, fabric choices and styles look best on you and reflect the image of the industry you are trying to penetrate.

We want you to put your best foot forward. Is our passion to help you achieve your career goals? It is our dream that you join the hundreds of job interviewers Giorgenti has helped successfully launch their careers. Giorgenti will make it happen!

Visually empower yourself by calling our office today to schedule an appointment, or fill out the form below and one of our consultants will call you tomorrow.

dress for success seminars

Success Seminars

Are you concerned about workplace dressing issues for your company, or are you just not sure how you should dress for business casual or business formal events?
Janine Giorgenti’s Dressing Strategically presentations help men and women look their professional best.
In her seminars you will learn:

  • How to power up your business casual.
  • How to look taller and thinner by wearing clothing that compliments your physique and figure type.
  • The subliminal messages you are giving wearing certain styles, colors, patterns and textures.
  • The hierarchy of dress, what clothing will give your the competitive edge.

Many clients credit her counsel with helping them gain respect (and clinch deals) with prospective clients and colleagues, win promotions, establish a better image for their respective companies, substantiate their rates, perform better in the business world, and build general self-confidence.Janine reaches thousands through her “Dress for Success” seminars; TV and Radio appearances inspire countless more.

Her makeovers have been featured on local and regional television programs, and her seminars and advice have recently helped PricewaterhouseCoopers, prestigious law firms as well as many others.

Her clients include sport figures, celebrities and Fortune 500 executives from American Express, Deloitte, Citigroup, MetLife, Marriott and Morgan Stanley, among others.

To inquire about Janine’s Dressing Strategically presentations – for your company – please call (646) 957-6916.