President & CEO of NEWSDAY
Knows How To Buy Time

When you are “time-starved”, you just don’t have the time for shopping. But your wardrobe still needs careful planning and scrutiny– it is one of your most important investments and your image is your most valuable marketing tool. Giorgenti understands your dilemma, and we know how to help!

Presidents and CEOs are an organization’s compass. Every associate, from the executive to the employee, looks to the president for guidance and leadership. Such a leader sets the tone for the company’s personality, health and direction.

This mantle of responsibility should be evident at every level of behavior–including your appearance. Even on the most casual of days, a president needs to exude an air of success, control and authority. There are stereotypical wardrobes designed for power, but you need to show more than power–a president needs to display humanity, as well as discipline. Giorgenti wardrobes take advantage of color and fabrics to evoke different emotional responses from associates. The suit you wear to inspire your sales force will be significantly different than the one you wear when addressing the board of directors. For each occasion, you need to consider what you are silently saying to your audience.

Different combinations of fabric, color and style communicate significantly different messages. Individuals in your position need to clearly understand and control these messages, and then carefully visually communicate them to achieve the best results. A Giorgenti wardrobe is designed to do just that. Our consultants will help you fill your wardrobe with the appropriate attire for each and every occasion. We’ll craft your image to create just the right impression.

Because Giorgenti has direct access to textile mills, we offer the finest quality at a reasonable price. A Giorgenti suit is no more expensive than a better department store suit.

But at Giorgenti you get personal service and a totally custom tailored solution. Your Giorgenti suit will be made of the finest fabrics and fit better than any suit you have ever owned. Our wardrobe consultants will also show you which fabrics and styles work best for your career and lifestyle.

Take advantage of our special wardrobe packages available for the presidents and CEOs. Visually empower yourself by calling our offices today to schedule a wardrobe consultation, or make your appointment on-line using the appointment schedule link below. The consultation is free–the advice is invaluable.