Charitable Giving

Receive 5% off your next GIORGENTI clothing purchase.

By donating your retired lightly worn professional attire, you will give a less fortunate person a chance to look and feel great on their job interview.

Why should we give?

We all need to do our share. The INN is a not-for-profit, volunteer-basedorganization located on Long Island in Hempstead New York. The INN provides a broad variety of essential services to assist those challenged by hunger, homelessness and profound poverty.

GIORGENTI is Partnering with the INN on Long Island.

We are partnering with the INN, providing lightly worn business casual and business formal attire that will be used for job interviews. Helping people in need to look their best on a job interview will increase their chance for success.

Do a good deed and get 5% off your next clothing purchase!

We are asking our GIORGENTI customers to bring in their lightly worn retired business clothing. For your good deed, we will take 5% off the purchase of your clothing order. Together, we can make a difference.