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About Giorgenti Custom Clothing

Over 800 5 star reviews across media platforms.

GIORGENTI is a fourth-generation family run bespoke clothing company that blends old world experience with modern technology. Experience the luxury of a bespoke linen suit, ideal for your wedding or special event. Our expert designers ensure a flawless fit, with 23 precise measurements and personalized details like creative linings and buttons.
Blue Linen Suit
Superior Customer Service and Quality
At GIORGENTI New York, we deliver unmatched customer service and quality. Each suit is handcrafted with the finest materials for superior construction and durability.
Customize every detail to reflect your personal style and make a lasting impression on your big day.
Occasions to Wear your Custom Linen Suit
Linen suits are favored for their lightness, coolness, and comfort, making them suitable for various occasions.
They are particularly popular for beach weddings, destination weddings, special events, and for men who want to be well-dressed while staying cool on hot summer days.
Natural Color Peak Lapel Custom Linen Suit
Green Linen Suit
Choose the Style of your Custom Linen Suit
Linen suits by Giorgenti can be fashioned into any style. Most popular are two-piece custom linen suits with a notch or peak lapel, double breasted, or three-piece suits. All can be made with your choice of decorative buttons and linings.
Many Linen Fabric Colors to Choose From
At Giorgenti, you will have an array of beautiful colors to choose from. Our fabrics are woven at the finest mills.
Customers favor our Italian Linen as well as our linen, wool, and silk blends for wrinkle resistance color vibrance and luster.
A Beautiful Array of Colors to Choose From
Consultation with a Giorgenti Customer
Your GIORGENTI Consultation
At your GIORGENTI consultation, enjoy a personalized experience to create your custom linen suit. We’ll explore colors and styles with fabric swatches. You can use inspiration from pics from social media, or our designers can create a design for you. We’ll refine details like linings and buttons and help accessorize with a custom shirt and tie. With over 900 5-star reviews, we ensure an exceptional experience.
Measurements for a Linen Custom Suit
The process of measuring for a custom linen suit involves a personalized consultation with a master tailor to discuss style and desired fit, analyzing posture and body shape, and taking precise 23 measurements of the body including shoulder slope and neck height. This is followed by a fitting session for real-time adjustments and final tweaks, ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched comfort and elegance.
GIORGENTI Measurement Process
How A Flax Plant Is Made into A Custom Linen Suit
How Linen is Made from a Plant to Fabric
A custom-made linen suit begins with growing flax in cool, damp conditions. The plant is harvested, often by pulling, to preserve its fibers. After retting, scutching, and heckling to separate and align the fibers, the flax is spun into yarn and woven into a fine, tight fabric. Meticulous attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship throughout this process ensure the high quality of the linen, making it perfect for fine tailoring and custom suits.
The Sustainability of a Custom Linen Suit
A linen suit is a great choice for quality, comfort, and sustainability. Made from fine Italian linen, it’s lightweight, durable, and breathable, ideal for beach and destination weddings and summer events. Plus, linen is an eco-friendly, natural fiber, so you can enjoy luxury while making an environmentally conscious decision.
Linen Fabric is Eco Friendly
Customize your Linen Suit with Special Details
Custom Linen Suit Cost and Delivery Time
Prices range for a two-piece suit from $1,495 to $1,995 depending on the color, styling detail and the fabric mill brand.
Creating your custom-made linen suit is a meticulous process that requires 6 to 8 weeks, including a final fitting to ensure perfection. We recommend booking your appointment well in advance to ensure that your exquisite GIORGENTI linen suit is ready for your special occasion.
Hurry! Appointments are going fast. Check availability now.