Custom Made Dress Shirts

The Best Quality Custom Made Dress Shirt in New York

When it comes to a quality dress shirt, look no further. GIORGENTI New York has been the gold standard for custom dress shirts for decades. Nothing is more impressive than a man wearing a well-fitted,superior dress shirt. The fit, color, pattern, texture and style speaks volumes about a man.

What goes into making a quality dress shirt?

First it’s the quality of the fabrics. Giorgenti uses the finest cottons in the world. Pima cottons, Sea Island cottons, and Egyptian cottons have extra-long silky staple yarns, resistant to wrinkling and fading. These fabrics take dye beautifully and sculpt into the best men’s custom made dress shirts.

How are the dress shirts made?

Giorgenti custom tailored shirts are carefully constructed using a single-needle stitching construction.


  • We use 22 stitches per inch to truly render durable and smooth seams.
  • GIORGENTI New York uses the best German fusing to keep the collars and cuffs crisp.
  • Our hall mark back-split yokes allow for natural body movement stretch.
  • We carefully match our stripes and plaids to give a clean look to our dress shirts.
  • ‘Mother of the Pearl’ buttons are used as a staple of our luxury shirts.
  • Great shirts are crafted with an attention to detail. We cut no corners.


What is the process of getting fitted for a Custom Made Dress Shirt?

Once we get to know you and your style preferences we start the measurement process by taking numerous body measurements to assure a perfect fit for your custom made dress shirts.

Once we complete the measurement process, we will assist you in selecting the shirting fabrics that you like. Our vast collection includes fabrics from high-end mills with long track records of high quality.

What are my style options?

This is the fun part! Your style choices are endless. Your talented stylist/designer will help you choose your collar, cuff, and front style, as well as button colors, monogram, and, if desired, trim color. You may want a dress shirt to wear with a suit, sport coat or dress pants. Or perhaps you like to wear your shirt un-tucked. There are those who like to be creative and mix patterns, prints and solids. Whatever your style, we can create the perfect dress shirt or sport shirt just for you.