Custom Made Suit

Why You Should Buy a Custom Made Suits?

For a man who wants the best – experience a custom made suit by Giorgenti New York. The symbol of a well-dressed gentleman is one who wears an exquisite custom suit. A custom suit shows elegance, garnishes admiration, and shows an astute attention to detail. Giorgenti’ custom made suits makes a positive impression without saying a word. If you are looking for the greatest custom suit look no further than GIORGENTI New York.

Why Are Giorgenti New York’s Custom Made Suits the Best Suits in Town?

Giorgenti custom made suits are literally art crafted into a suit. Giorgenti‘s custom suits are cut by hand and sewn by highly trained master tailors. All fabrics, including buttons, interlinings, and trims are imported from Italy. Our luxury goat hair canvas creates a buttery-soft finish and molds to our client’s personal physique. All sleeves are hand draped prior to stitching to ensure a flawless custom fit. Hand crafted armholes combined with a molded edge collar creates a fit around the neck only obtained in a custom made suit. Giorgenti New York’s old-world tradition of custom tailoring goes back four generations.

Not Sure Which Custom Made Suit is the Best Choice for You?

That is where our talented design team will help you choose the best fabric, color, and style perfect for your event. We take more than 23 measurements including your shoulder slope and posture to guarantee a perfect fit. We also consider your eye color hair color, and skin tone, including your physique and unique face shape. If you have a picture from Instagram or Pinterest and you want us to copy that look, we will do that.

Giorgenti New York will make sure we design the perfect custom suit that blows away your expectations.

Giorgenti customers come from the tri-state area and parking is never a hassle. If you prefer public transportation, we are located conveniently just a few minutes’ walk from the LIRR train station in Mineola. You can text, call, email, or book an appointment online. Buying your stunning custom suit has never been made easier.