Custom Made Three Piece Suits

When Should You Wear a Custom Three-Piece Suit?

A three piece suit is considered formal making it a perfect choice for a groom to wear for his wedding, or for a gentleman who enjoys looking well put together and dapper. 

Just remember whatever the occasion, it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. If you wear a killer three piece suit you will feel amazing and look commanding.

What Message does a Custom Three Piece Suit Convey?

What separates the 3-piece suit from a 2-piece suit is the addition of the vest, also called a waistcoat. With a waistcoat added to your suit, the look will instantly transform you into a successful-looking gentleman. The appearance of a three piece suit can either be formal, trendy or nostalgic, depending on the color, style and the pattern of the fabric. For instance, if your three piece suit is a dark solid color like a navy three piece suit, a black three piece suit or a charcoal gray three piece suit it will look formal. If you wear a white three piece suit, light grey three piece suit or tan three piece suit it will have a Great Gatsby vibe. If your three piece suit is a pinstripe, it will have a board room power look. If your three piece suit is a plaid three piece suit or a windowpane three piece suit it will have a contemporary feel. If your three piece suit is a tweed in a brownish color you will have a Pinky Blinder early 1900’s nostalgic look.

How Should a Custom Made Three Piece Suit Look and Feel?

It is crucial to have your vest/waistcoat follow the contour of your body to fit perfectly. For this reason, you should consider getting your three piece suit custom-tailored instead of buying it off-the rack. In addition, a custom made vest/waistcoat creates a slimming look, even though it is an extra layer. Adding the vest portrays a strong balance of fabric, all the way from your shoulders down to your shoes. Most Importantly it is essential to imagine how great a custom three piece suit will make you feel.
When you unbutton your suit coat and sit, or take the suit coat off, your waist coat/vest is buttoned up which gives you a distinguished look. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about your shirt billowing out of your pants because your vest will cover it. By wearing a three piece suit you appear dressed up and in charge. These are undoubtedly some of the subtle but impactful style marks you make wearing your three piece suit. You will always remain put together well!

The Style Options and the Versatility of a Three Piece Suit

When it comes to what statement your three piece suit makes, or even better what style options you have, you will find that they are plentiful. You can wear the vest alone with a button down shirt and jeans, or you can wear the vest with another two piece suit where the contrast colors complement each other. You can opt not to wear the vest and then you have a two piece suit.

Wear a Custom Made Three Piece Suit For Your Wedding Attire

Due to its sophisticated appearance, three piece suits are often reserved for formal occasions. To wear a three piece suit for a wedding, choose a well-fitting design in a color that matches your wedding theme. Black makes an especially good choice for evening functions while grey and navy hues are well suited to convert your three piece suit into business wear, or for other occasions. To complete your formal, three piece wedding look, add a wide spread collar dress shirt combined with a tie or a bow tie.

GIORGENTI New York Custom Three Piece Suit Dressing Tips

  • Make sure your three piece suit is well fitted and that you can comfortably wear your suit coat over your vest without pulls or gaps.
  • Keep your shirt color and style simple to ensure it doesn’t compete with your three piece suit for attention.
  • Pair your three piece suit with the right accessories, such as a classy tie, pocket square, and dress shoes.
  • To wear a three piece suit for a formal occasion, choose your desired style and match the color of your wedding theme or wear classic colors.
  • Have your three piece suit custom made to ensure the fit is excellent.
  • If you are wearing your three piece suit as business attire, keep your look sophisticated with a solid navy, grey, subtle plaid, windowpane or a pinstripe with business accents, such as a traditional patterned tie.

How Do I Decide Which Three Piece Suit Style is Best for Me?

No worries! Your talented GIORGENTI New York designer/stylist will assist you in picking the perfect color, style, and fabric pattern best suited for your occasion.

You can also bring inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and we will help you create that look.

Where is GIORGENTI New York Located?

Good News! We are conveniently located to NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Tri State area. Located in Garden City New York, many of our customers come from Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Statin Island, and the Bronx. We are just a few minutes’ walking distance from the Mineola train station if you choose to take public transportation. If You drive, parking is never a hassle. So, call, text, email, or book your appointment online for the perfect three piece suit made especially for you.