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Custom made Three-Piece Suits by GIORGENTI


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Custom made Three-Piece Suits by GIORGENTI

Three piece suits are trending, and its popularity is getting stronger. The vest of a three piece suit provides the finishing touch that adds style and class to your suit ensemble.

Three piece suits are also slimming because the vest covers the torso. The other benefit of a three piece suit is when you take off the suit coat, the vest gives you a finished, more polished look.

What are the different three piece suit style options?

Many unique combinations can be made in three piece suits. The suit should be single breasted, so it shows more of the vest. The suit ensemble can be styled with a notch, shawl, or peak lapel. As for the suit vest, there are several options as well. The traditional V neck five-button vest is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. There are also more creative options.

  • Suit vest with a notch lapel
  • Suit vest with a shawl collar
  • Suit vest with a peak lapel
  • Three-button double breasted vest with a U shaped vest, or Horseshoe vest opening.
  • Three-button single breasted vest with a U shaped vest, or Horseshoevest opening.

What fabrics look great in a three piece suit?

There is a wide variety to choose from. Solids have always been very popular. They come in various shades of grey, blue; however, today’s modern men and women are venturing into colors such as brown, tan, purple, burgundy, and green. Other options are pinstripes which always look stately and classy exuding power. Also trending are window pane and plaid suits. In addition, textured fabrics make up well in three piece suits, giving an extra dimension and interest.

How can I make my three piece suit look interesting?

You can personalize your three piece suit with various adornments. For instance, you can use a decorative lining for the inside of the suit coat. This decorative lining will also be the back lining of the vest. You can color contrast the buttonholes and chose the style and color of the button you want on your three piece suit.

Is a three piece suit a POWER suit?

Yes, it is. A three piece suit exudes power! It gives the wearer visual authority. Also, when you take off the suit coat, the vest gives your outfit a finished look. Many men and women use a three piece suit as a fashion statement and for a commanding look. When a person wears a three-piece suit, they are silently shouting “take me seriously, I am important!”

Where do I get a Three Piece Suit?

You may find three piece suits retail off-the-rack. However, if you really want to be noticed and stand out, having it custom made will be your best option. Wearing a three-piece suit creates a statement. You must be serious about this investment. You want your Three piece suit to be well fitted, and custom tailored to fit your specific body type. Only a highly trained, qualified custom tailor knows how to do this.

GIORGENTI New York custom three piece suit difference.

Giorgenti has five generations of expertise with custom tailored clothing. Our Italian heritage of ancient craftsmanship, combined with the state-of-the-art technology of today, provides us a unique benefit. For thousands of satisfied clients, our skilled tailors and custom clothiers have measured and designed custom clothing. Giorgenti Custom Clothing has amazing hundreds of glowing 5* ratings across various sites of social media.

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