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Custom Shirts


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Custom Shirts

Starting at $169, buy 4 shirts and get the 5th 50% off.

A beautiful tailored shirt will fit you well, however, a custom tailored shirt will fit you in a matter that flatters your body, style, and personality. The beauty of a custom tailored shirt is embedded in the flawless construction and design of the shirt.

Why Giorgenti Should Design Your Next Tailored Shirt? 

Giorgenti is synonymous with fashion for New York’s most discerning clients.

Giorgenti has been fine-tuning the art of making flawless custom tailored shirts for over thirty years.

Giorgenti tailored shirts are carefully made of single-needle tailoring using these fine points of a great custom tailored shirt.

  • (20) stitches per inch to render truly smooth and durable seams
  • Hand cut collars to meet and “huge” the neck without forming any bulges
  • Matching stripes (shoulder to sleeves) to give a clean and organized look
  • German fusing is employed to keep the collar crisp and beautiful
  • ‘Mother of the Pearl’ buttons are embedded as a staple of luxury shirts

All great products are crafted with a certain degree of attention to detail. A Giorgenti custom tailored shirt fits that description.

Giorgenti has a stellar reputation, having amassed over 50,000 custom tailored shirt customers, maintaining the belief that our clients deserve the very best.

You deserve the best, you deserve a Giorgenti tailored shirt.


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