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If you’re searching for the best custom sport coats that are luxurious, fit you the way that a sport coat should, and have you standing out – a “ready to wear” sport coat will not cut it.

You need a custom sport coat, from Giorgenti.

What makes Giorgenti custom sport coats the class of custom sport coats on Long Island and New York City?

The fit.

The perfect fit.

Why do we place such a premium on fit?

Simply put, fit is everything.

Today’s men’s fashion calls for a cleaner, tighter, non-messy fit as a sign of a well-groomed and confident man. A sign of a man who know what he wants.

Ready-to-wear sport coats fall short in this department, they do not address the specific unique features of one’s physique. That’s where we come in. A custom Giorgenti sport coat is cut to the very specifications of your body shape, body type, height, and unique characteristics.

Treat yourself to the elegance and precise level of fit that a custom sport coat by Giorgenti has to offer.

Our objective is simple, to create a beautiful custom sport coat that is unique as you (and only you).

Our team takes into consideration your image as a whole! If we know anything, we know that our Long Island and New York City clients looking for the best custom designer sport coats want a sport coat (and sport coat and dress slacks combination) that is made exclusively for them.

We create your custom sport coat and slacks ensemble by taking into consideration your personality, hair color, eye color, skin tone, and body shape as our guide to create a garment that is perfect for you.

In the market for the next level of custom sport coats?

Call (646) 957-6916 to schedule your custom fitting.