The Best Custom Suit NYC You Have Ever Owned

For NYC natives who seek nothing but the best, Giorgenti New York will provide you with the best custom suits you can find in New York. Most of the fabrics that Giorgenti New York uses are derived from Italian Mills. As for our lining and interior of our garments, Giorgenti New York uses the finest Bemberg linings and canvas fronts from organic fibers and goat hair. At Giorgenti New York, we combine our groundbreaking pattern-making technology and skill with our Italian heritage to create the best custom suit, sport coats, tuxedos, dress pants and dress shirts for all your occasions.

Every NYC Customer Works with A Personal Highly Skilled Clothier

Here at Giorgenti New York, our NYC customers can either bring in a reference image of a suit they would like made from Instagram or Pinterest, or get a full styling by one of our talented designers. Leave it to the team at Giorgenti New York to create an outfit that fits not only your body, but style, and personality.

NYC Natives Deserve A Custom Suit with Impeccable Measurements

Our NYC clients are extremely particular about the way that their custom suits fit their body. Here at Giorgenti New York, we have a team filled with the best tailors that are highly skilled in taking measurements. This is our specialty here at Giorgenti New York. We take over 23 different measurements including your posture and shoulder slope to ensure the perfect fitting custom suit each time.

Special Features in Every NYC Man’s Giorgenti Custom NYC Suit

  • Optional colored buttonholes
  • Hand-finished armholes
  • Hand-finished sleeve linings
  • Real working hand-cut buttonholes
  • Full lining
  • Handmade buttonholes
  • Optional decorative linings
  • Deluxe sweat shields
  • Interior cell phone, pen pocket and card pocket
  • Hand-basted collar
  • Canvas front construction

Custom Suit Trouser Features NYC Men Will Love

  • Woven Silesia inside fly for stability
  • Grip pads inside waistband to prevent the shirt from coming out.
  • Special two-piece waistband with hand-pleated curtain
  • Crotch lining
  • Heel guards for extra wear on cuffs
  • Pants lined past the knee
Make a statement with a GIORGENTI custom-made Lavender Double-Breasted Hopsack Suit paired with a white spread collared dress shirt and a stylish purple printed tie. This ensemble is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

NYC Men Love Their Giorgenti New York Experience

At Giorgenti New York we emphasize customer service and that’s something our NYC clients love that about us. The customer experience at Giorgenti New York makes getting custom clothes made a fun process. Read our 400+ 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp to see exactly why our NYC customers love their custom made suits by Giorgenti New York.

Made to Measure vs. Custom – What NYC’s Men Should Know

Individuals from NYC do not know the huge difference between a suit that is truly custom and a made to measure suit. With a custom made suit, there is higher attention to detail and very skilled craftsmanship involved. Since no two bodies are the same, custom made suits are made through a process called body mapping. Body mapping is a technique where a pattern is made from the unique measurements of someone’s body. Each of these patterns is individually hand-cut, which requires years on years of training as a tailor to master. Overall, the custom suit has more detailed work involved in addition to the superior fabrics used throughout the garment. When comparing made to measure suits to custom suits, they have far less detail and are made by computer-generated patterns. In the process of getting a made to measure suit, a customer would try on a size closest to theirs and minimal adjustments will be made to fit the wearer slightly better. Based on the little adjustments needed, made to measure suits are quickly produced and require no handwork at all. This also explains the cheaper price point that made to measure suits are typically found at in NYC.

How Do I Decide Which Custom Suit is Best for Me?

You should not worry about which custom suit is best for you, that is our job here at Giorgenti New York! Our talented team of designers at Giorgenti will help you every step of the way when it comes to designing your custom suit. You can either bring in reference pictures of a style you would like to recreate or be fully styled by one of our designers.

Giorgenti is conveniently located in Garden City, New York which means we serve Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn communities. Anyone within the NYC area can drive or take public transportation to the Giorgenti New York showroom. If you prefer taking public transportation, we are located a short walk away from the Mineola LIRR station.

If you would like a custom suit made by us do not hesitate to call, text, email, or book an appointment with us online! We ensure that you will be pleased with the outcome of your custom suit by Giorgenti New York.