GIORGENTI Custom Sweaters

COVID has changed our dressing needs. Gone are the days of suiting up in structured clothing. Today men and women now want to look good and be comfortable at the same time.

Look Good on Zoom

Lately, everyone has been on a casual vibe during their daily Zoom workdays. That and socially distanced events have created a need for classy and business appropriate casual attire at an exponential rate. Therefore, GIORGENTI has taken initiative to expand its custom clothing collection to include a wide variety of luxury-casual custom sweaters and athleisure wear.

Finally, a Sweater that Fits!

How many men and women have experienced the following fit issues?
  • A sweater that fits your chest but is too baggy at the waist.
  • Sweater sleeves that are too long, or too short.
  • Sweater armholes that hang too low.
  • Baggy or tight sweater arms.
  • Sweater lengths that are too long, or too short.
  • Sweaters that fit everywhere except they are too tight across the belly.
  • Sweaters that are hot, itchy and of poor quality.
  • Trouble finding a color sweater that you really like.
  • Difficulty finding a style sweater you really like.

GIORGENTI is the First Custom Clothier that Makes Truly Custom Made Sweaters

Realizing that sweaters are a key staple for today’s modern men’s and women’s wardrobe, we decided to add this important category to our custom clothing offering. GIORGENTI’s buttery soft and plush custom sweaters can be worn for any occasion and elevate any outfit. Look your best wearing our cozy custom sweaters paired with our amazing pajama-like feel stretch dress pants for a Zoom meeting. For a smart casual look, try our custom V-neck sweater over a button-down shirt with jeans, a nice belt, and boots. For a more casual look, wear a crew neck sweater over a pair of jeans. One of our favorites for a polished look is a turtleneck sweater worn under a blazer.

What Fabrics are Best for Sweaters?

Cashmere– What is wonderful about GIORGENTI’s cashmere sweaters is that they are made from the highest quality Zalaa Jinst white goat from Mongolia. This is the ONLY cashmere goat whose coat is ENTIRELY white, allowing yarns to dye into brilliant colors. Cashmere sweaters are so incredibly soft, that they can be worn on the skin with NO ITCH at all.
Merino Wool– The Merino sheep is much  prized for its wool. Bread in Australia and New Zealand, Merino’s have the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Merino wool takes dye beautifully and is made in various sweater styles including, crew neck sweaters, V neck sweaters, turtleneck sweaters, cardigans, sweater vests, polo sweaters, mock turtleneck sweaters, button vest sweaters, Henly sweaters, and more.
Silk and Cashmere- Silk and cashmere makes the perfect blend. Lighter in weight in brilliant colors these lustrous, soft, comfortable, stylish sweaters are the perfect choice for a man who wants to look modern and sharp. Wear these amazing sweaters with your favorite jeans, or dress slacks. Pop one under a sport coat, jacket, or blazer for a finished look.
Mercerized cotton- Mercerized cotton is an extraordinary cotton yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It takes dye more readily and is also stronger. Mercerized cotton produces less lint and is more resistant to mildew. The best part is that it does not lose it’s shape and is less likely to shrink like regular cotton does.

The Best Sweater Technology and Construction.

As with all our GIORGENTI custom garments, our custom sweaters are crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as any other custom garment we make. We use the latest state of the art full fashion knitting technology and all shirts are custom fitted to your specific body type, measurements, and dimensions. Over 20 meticulous measurements are taken from your body which are translated into your own individual pattern to produce a custom fitted sweater that is perfect for you.

Giorgenti Organic Cotton and Humane Treatment to Animals. 

GIORGENTI believes in fair practices when it comes to animal rights, therefore GIORGENTI only partners with mills who practice humane principles. GIORGENTI uses sustainable wool, organic cotton, silk, and cashmere sourced from renowned fabric mills in Italy.

Work with our Creative Design Team

You will love working with our creative design team. Your personal designer will help you make the best choices according to your wardrobe needs. Your clothier will help create outfits that flatter your hair color, eye color, skin tone and personal physique and body type. We will help you coordinate wardrobe combinations for you to look your best for every occasion.