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“As the lovers stand hand in hand, their vows are more than mere words – they’re promises that ignite a lasting change. It’s the commitment to support, cherish, and embrace the journey together, come what may.”
Brooklyn Custom Tuxedos: Finding Your GIORGENTI New York Perfect Wedding Look
Congratulations on getting engaged! Now that you’ve said “YES” to the love of your life, it’s time to prepare for your special day with a custom tuxedo from Brooklyn. But which one should you choose? Let’s explore your options to help you make the right decision.
Discovering Your GIORGENTI New York Brooklyn Custom Tuxedo Options
Before diving into the details of your tuxedo, consider the specifics of your wedding. Does it have a unique theme? Is it a destination wedding, barn wedding, vineyard wedding, beach wedding, rustic wedding, Gatsby wedding, or a classic wedding? Your wedding details will guide us in creating the perfect custom tuxedo for your special day.
A Custom Tuxedo that is Traditional, Themed, or Trendsetting
For a classic wedding, a timeless black tuxedo might be your choice. However, if you want to make a statement, consider trending colors like white, off white, green, burgundy, blue, navy, grey, or even explore the luxurious world of velvet, or brocade custom made tuxedos.
A Brooklyn Custom Tuxedo Designed to Perfection by GIORGENTI New York
Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, it’s time to get to know you better. What’s your fashion taste and personality? This helps us create a GIORGENTI New York Brooklyn custom tuxedo that not only fits you perfectly but also reflects your unique style. Our expertise comes into play as we take 23 precise body measurements and help you choose the color, style, and type of custom tuxedo that suits you best. At GIORGENTI New York, we offer a wide range of fabrics in various colors and patterns, ensuring your Brooklyn custom tuxedo complements your physique, and attributes flawlessly.
When should I Order my GIORGENTI New York Brooklyn Custom-Made Tuxedo?
Timing is key. We are sure by the time you read this your fiancé had already run for her wedding dress. For men or women wearing a custom tuxedo for their wedding there should be no difference. Don’t wait until the last minute! It is best to start the process right after your engagement, however two-three months before your wedding should be sufficient. Your custom tuxedo near Brooklyn is for the most important day of your life, and we want to ensure you have ample time without any stress.
Endless Brooklyn Custom Tuxedo Customization Options

This is your moment to shine, and at GIORGENTI New York, we offer the Following Choices:

• An extensive fabric selection.

• Various tuxedo coat styles, including single-breasted one-button, single-breasted two-button, or double-breasted.

• Lapel options, such as peak, notch, or shawl collar.

• A very broad spectrum of fabric colors, including textured fabrics, velvets, and jacquards.

• Numerous choices for satin-covered or decorative buttons.

• An array of vest styles, including classic V-front vests, double breasted vests, shawl collar vests, peak lapel vests and notch lapel vests.

• Custom tuxedo accessories such as colored fabrics, satins, velvet and brocades for vests, bowties, ties, ascots, pocket squares, suspenders, and cummerbunds.

• Beautiful decorative inner lining choices.

• Stunning cufflinks and stud sets.

Shine Like a Star Wearing your Brooklyn Custom Tuxedo by GIORGENTI New York
At Giorgenti, weddings are our specialty and passion. Our exceptional design team has earned over 700 5-Star reviews across various social media platforms, including Yelp, Google, Facebook, and the Knot.
Not Sure Which Custom Tuxedo near Brooklyn Is Right for You?
No need to worry! Our creative and friendly design team can help you bring your dream tuxedo to life. Whether you have a picture from Pinterest or Instagram or choose to have our talented design team create it for you, we’ve got you covered.
Experience GIORGENTI New York’s Convenient Brooklyn Location
Your fashion aspirations are within easy reach, just a short 35-minute trip away from the bustling heart of midtown Brooklyn. If you prefer train travel, rest assured that a seamless ride on the LIRR to Mineola has you sorted. Worried about parking? Put those concerns behind you. This destination is dedicated to providing you with a stress-free experience.
How Do I get my Brooklyn Custom Tuxedo?
Book an appointment today by calling, or texting 646-957-6916, or book your appointment online. At GIORGENTI New York, we’re here to turn your dreams into a memorable reality on your wedding day!
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