Custom Wedding Tuxedos

So, you FINALLY popped the question and to your greatest joy and relief, the love of your life said “YES”! What comes next?! Such a memorable, special moment in your life surely deserves a very special tuxedo.

What Are My Tuxedo Choices?

Well, first we have some questions to ask. Is there a special theme to your wedding? What are your color choices and where is the venue? Is it a destination or themed wedding? All these questions help paint a picture of your wedding and guide us towards what style tuxedo you may be looking for. For example, perhaps you’re having a more traditional wedding, in which case you may need to wear a standard black tuxedo. Then there are those however, who would choose more stylish colors such as a blue tuxedo, grey tuxedo, white tuxedo, burgundy tuxedo, green tuxedo, or even venture into wearing a velvet custom made tuxedo.

How Giorgenti Helps You Design the Perfect Tuxedo That’s Meant for You!

After finding out all the details of your wedding now it’s time we get to know you. Your personal style and personality will help ensure we not only create a tuxedo that you feel great and look great in, but that you fall in love with as well. After getting to know you, our next step uses our experience and skills. We take 23 different measurements of your body to ensure a perfect fit, then we get to choose the color, style and type of tuxedo you may be looking for. At Giorgenti, we have a vast amount of fabrics in various colors, textures and patterns to choose from. We also take into consideration your body shape, hair color, skin tone and eye color making sure your tuxedo will compliment all your unique physical and personal attributes.

How long will it take to make my Custom Tuxedo?

The sooner you can come in the better, but as a rule of thumb, we will need at least 2 month’s lead time in making your custom tuxedo. This is an important decision and investment. The closer couples get to their wedding date the more pressure is on them, so you want to have your tuxedo done well ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary stress.

What are My Tuxedo Options?

This is your party, your dream wedding and your time to shine!

You have the following choices at Giorgenti:

  • A large variety of fabrics to choose from.
  • Any fabric color of your choice, including textured fabrics and jacquards.
  • A choice between a peak lapel, notch lapel tuxedo, or a shawl collar tuxedo trimmed with navy, black or your color choice of satin, grosgrain or velvet.
  • Any tuxedo coat style including, single breasted one button, single breasted two button, or double breasted. We can even make tailcoats!!
  • Decorative inner lining choices.
  • Your choice of a satin covered or decorative buttons for your tuxedo coat.
  • A vast selection of satins and brocades for vests, bow-ties, ties, ascots, pocket squares, suspenders and cummerbunds.
  • Numerous vest style options
  • Stunning cufflinks

Giorgenti will make you shine like a star!

Weddings are not just our specialty; they are our passion! Just read our hundreds of 5-star reviews across several social media platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook and the Knot. Our talented design team are creative, friendly and a blast to work with. At Giorgenti, we strive to make dreams come true and your wedding memorable!