Dress Pants

The importance of the modern day dress pant

Dress pants for men have taken on a whole new importance. As a society,we have become more casual.Today, the dress pant in the work place worn with a dress shirt, has become an essential element in a man’s wardrobe, for work and other social occasions.

What are the different fabrics used for dress pants?

There are various types. The most popular and the most formal for work are dress slacks made out of a fine comfortable wool, or a wool blend gabardine. Less formal are pants made out of cotton, for instance cotton twills, or poplins, which many refer to as chinos or khakis. For a summer casual look, some men like linen dress pants.

What are the different styles of dress pants?

There are various styles of dress pants. There is flat front, pleated, pants with or without cuffs, pants with slant front pockets, or with on-seam pockets, even pants that have five pockets like jeans. There is also trim fitting or, traditional cut pants. Then there are embellishments such as pants with side tabs, or with or without belt loops.

What is the proper length for dress pants?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some men like to wear their dress pants on the shorter side exposing the ankle, some men prefer a single break, a slight drape hitting the shoe, while others like the longer traditional double break.

What are the best dress pant combinations?

Depending on the situation, dress pants can be worn with a dress shirt and sport coat for a formal look, a dress shirt for a dressed casual look, with a knit top for an upscale casual appearance and a T-shirt for a sporty casual expression.

For what occasions does a man wear dress pants?

Dress pants are worn for business casual days at work, for going out to dinner, or for an occasion where jeans are too informal. Wool or wool blend dress pants are considered more formal, while dress pants that are chinos, or khakis are less formal. Flannels and cavalry twills are a nice addition for the winter.

What colors are popular for dress pants?

Solids can be worn in many colors, the most popular are, navy, lighter shades of blue, charcoal, medium grey, light grey, tan, taupe, olive, khaki, burgundy and brown. For summer, white dress pants are very popular. Colors like red, orange, green, aqua, purple and teal can be trendy and fun. They are best worn casually with t-shirts and sporty dress shirts.

What patterns & textures are popular for dress pants?

The most common are, checks, hounds tooth, plaids and wools with texture. For a trendy look try stripes.

Not sure how to coordinate your dress pants?

No problem. GIORGENTI will show you how. Call or book an appointment online and one of our designer/stylist’s will assist you in choosing the perfect dress pant just for you.