You could be viewed as “just” an ordinary engineer or a futureleader in your field. It all depends on your appearance. Are youusing your wardrobe as an explosive marketing tool to separateyourself from the crowd?

Engineers are known for their innovation and attention to detail. Does your wardrobe reflect these qualities? Are your outfitsmeticulously put together, to insure that colors and patterns gotogether complimenting your hair color, eye color and skin tone?Does the fit and cut of your suit flatter your physique, giving youthe right image? Most importantly, does your wardrobe give you apolished and sophisticated appearance? Do you exude confidence?These are some of the qualities corporate leaders look for in anindividual before they move him up the corporate ladder.

Giorgenti has helped many engineers represent themselves inclothing which helps further their careers. You are the backbone ofyour company, making sure they remain competitive through newproducts and efficient production.

Your clothing should look as current as your new products. Yourattire should express a feeling of progressiveness. By dressing thepart, you position yourself as a professional with valuableopinions. Someone truly marketable to present ideas to clients. Thetop management and your clients, need to believe that you are atthe leading edge and your clothes should reflect just that!

Depending on who you are meeting, your wardrobe should range from”status casual” to traditional business suits. A good suit is amust for business, but there are times when a suit isn’t necessary.Giorgenti will help you select the appropriate attire for anysituation. Business casual days for example, promote an atmospherewhere your dress should reflect professionalism in an informalrelaxed manner.

Because Giorgenti has direct access to textile mills, we offer thefinest quality at a fraction of the price. The Giorgenti suit orbusiness casual attire is no more expensive than in the averageretail store. But at Giorgenti, you get personal service and atotally custom tailored solution.

Your Giorgenti attire will be made of the finest fabrics and fitbetter than any clothing you have ever owned. Our wardrobeconsultants will also show you which fabrics and styles work bestfor your career and lifestyle.

Take advantage of our special wardrobe packages available forengineers. Visually empower yourself by calling our offices todayto schedule a wardrobe consultation, or fill out the form below andone of our consultants will call you tomorrow. The consultation isfree–the advice is invaluable.