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About Giorgenti Custom Clothing
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Giorgenti is a distinguished fourth-generation bespoke tailoring company, blending traditional artistry with modern innovation. We pride ourselves on crafting custom-made tuxedos that enhance your wedding's theme and ambiance, ensuring your day is as unique and exceptional as you are. Our expert designers are dedicated to realizing your vision with unparalleled craftsmanship and precision. With over 23 detailed measurements, we guarantee a wedding tuxedo that is tailored to perfection, accentuating your physique, and elevating your celebration.

Grey Tuxedo with a Black Shawl Collar
It’s Your Wedding, Have it Your Way!
When it comes to customizing your tuxedo, the sky’s the limit with GIORGENTI! Our skilled designers are here to guide you in tailoring the perfect custom-made tuxedo that complements the theme and setting of your wedding.
Every wedding is unique, be it a classic affair, a cultural celebration, a roaring Great Gatsby-themed event, or a romantic getaway in a European castle. Let us craft a custom wedding tuxedo that not only fits you flawlessly but also captures the spirit of your special day.
Blue Tuxedos are Todays Modern Black
Blue custom-made tuxedos, in all their shades, are a real hit! The color blue is not only flattering on most skin tones, but it also shines in photographs, especially when contrasted with groomsmen dressed in black.
Whether you opt for navy or a lighter shade, blue tuxedos look stunning with various styles like a custom shawl collar, peak lapel, double-breasted, or even as a three-piece ensemble. They're versatile for any setting and can be tailored to reflect your personal flair, making every moment feel like a magical fairy tale come to life.

Royal Blue Custom Tuxedo with a Shawl Collar

White Custom Tuxedo Jacket with Black Pants
White Custom Tuxedo Jacket & Black Pants
Men are increasingly embracing their individuality and stepping away from conventional norms by donning white custom-made tuxedo jackets paired with black tuxedo pants, combined with a white tuxedo shirt, and white bow tie.
The contrast of the white jacket against the sleek black pants creates a visually stunning look that's both bold and elegant. It's a perfect choice for grooms who want to make a statement and showcase their unique style on their special day.
Men Are Embracing Custom Green Tuxedos
Green custom tuxedos are making a bold statement in today's modern weddings, capturing the hearts of stylish grooms who dare to embrace color and showcase their flair.
Whether it's a deep forest green for a touch of classic sophistication or soft sage green hue for a more serene vibe, green tuxedos offer a fresh and fashionable alternative to traditional black or navy. They're perfect for grooms who want to stand out and make a memorable impression, adding a unique twist to their wedding style.
Hunter Green Custom Three Piece Tuxedo
Bespoke Classic Black Tuxedo
Black Custom Tuxedos are Timeless
Traditional bespoke custom-made black tuxedos are the epitome of timeless sophistication, adding an unmistakable touch of class and distinction to a man on his wedding day.
The sleek lines and polished appearance of a black tuxedo convey a sense of ceremonial grandeur, ensuring that the groom stands out as a figure of grace and honor. It's a choice that speaks to the heart of tradition, celebrating the momentous occasion with a tuxedo that's as enduring as the love being celebrated.
Epitome of Class-Tuxedos with tail coats
The epitome of class and old-world tradition is beautifully captured in the iconic black tuxedo with coat tails, paired with a distinguished grey vest and a formal tie. This ensemble harks back to an era of elegance and refinement.
Wearing this timeless attire is a nod to the past, honoring the heritage of formal wear with a sense of dignity. It's a choice that speaks volumes about respect for tradition and a desire to embody the utmost in classic style on one's wedding day.

The Epitome of Class-Tuxedos with Tail Coat

An Array of Tuxedo Fabrics to Choose From
Fabrics for your Custom Wedding Suit
At GIORGENTI, we offer an exquisite selection of Italian and European fabrics for your wedding tuxedo, available in a wide range of colors, textures, brocades, velvets, and patterns.
We source premium materials from renowned mills such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, and Dormeuil. These mills are celebrated for their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and style, ensuring that your tuxedo is a true masterpiece of bespoke tailoring.
Your GIORGENTI Consultation
Embark on a delightful journey at your GIORGENTI consultation, where your dream wedding tuxedo comes to life! Dive into a world of fabric colors, textures, and styles, with fabric swatches at your fingertips to help you visualize your perfect look.
Feel free to bring along inspiration from social media, or let our talented designers weave their magic to create a unique ensemble just for you. We'll fine-tune every detail, from linings to buttons, and even help you coordinate the perfect tuxedo accessories.
Consultation with a GIORGENTI Customer
Precise Measurements are Key
The Custom Measurement Process
The creation of a custom-made wedding tuxedo begins with a one-on-one consultation with an expert tailor to talk about the desired style and requirements.
This includes an assessment of the individual's posture and body shape, as well as taking 23 precise measurements, such as shoulder slope and neck height. After this, a fitting session takes place to make real-time adjustments and final touches, guaranteeing a flawless fit that offers unparalleled comfort and sophistication.
Delivery Time
Creating your custom-made wedding tuxedo is a meticulous process that requires 6 to 8 weeks, including a final fitting to ensure perfection.
We recommend booking your appointment well in advance to ensure that your exquisite GIORGENTI wedding tuxedo is ready for your special occasion.
Tuxedo Shirt with Monogramed Cuffs
Brocade Tuxedo Vest
Cost of a GIORGENTI Custom Tuxedo
Average prices range for a two-piece tuxedo ranges from $1,595 to $2,300 depending on the color, fabric styling detail and the fabric mill brand.


Hurry! Appointments are going fast. Check availability now.