GIORGENTI Spring/Summer Sportcoats Are Here!

GIORGENTI Spring/Summer Sportcoats Are Here!

Perfect timing to get your sportcoats in for the Spring! (5-8 Week Delivery)

Luxury Elegance In Casual Dressing

The GIORGENTI Spring/Summer 24 Collection is literally our personal favorite collection we have ever made! It is comprised of the finest natural fibers in the world, combined with technologically chanced finishing techniques to deliver only the highest caliber of luxury clothing. From 100% French Flax Linen, to Mulberry Silk, and Renewable Bamboo, these Sport Coats are sure the be your new favorite piece!

Textured Solid Daily Sport Coats

The “daily driver” of the sport coat world is traditionally known to be the textured solid. It’s the easiest garment to pair shirts and pants with, it delivers a clean appearance without being too recognizable to the eye, making it easy to wear it multiple consecutive days in a row, and it have a lovely hand feel and drape to it that caresses the body beautifully. We recommend trying our new Bamboo, Silk, and Linen blends!

The Perfect Plaids

GIORGENTI’s name in recent years has been synonymous with colorful plaids and windowpanes as many of you know. However, a lot of our clients have requested more muted tones and plaids to compliment the bold ones our name has been built upon. This is why we have added brand new mini checks, micro plaids, and glen checks to our new collection in colors such as greens, pinks, and tans.

Luxury Linens For Summer

The linen sport coat hands down is one of the most necessary additions to the mans wardrobe. Linen sport coats are the “fine wine” of summer dressing, and only get better as they “wrinkle” and age. They give off effortless elegance at it’s finest, and now we have them available in truly amazing fabrics and patterns like windowpanes, bold stripes, and plaids as well!