Hot Men’s Destination Wedding Looks

This Year’s New Hottest Color

We knew that green was going to be big this year, but we had no idea Greens were going to be THIS big! Green has now turned into this year’s Burgundy! Greens are so perfect, especially for weddings, because they come in all different colors, hues, and saturations. Let’s say you’re having a destination wedding. Try wearing a lime green in a linen, or a teal-green. For a rustic cabin wedding, our favorite is a nice Olive Green Tweed three piece suit with beautiful suede elbow patches in dark brown, and capture the Earth tone feel of the whole scene! Since there are so many greens, here are a few ideas for your groom to come up with the best wedding outfit for him!:

Forest Green Two Piece Suit with Polka Dot Tie

Green Plaid Three Piece Suit with Tan-Greyish Tie

Forest Green Flannel Three Piece Suit

Lime Green Two Piece Suit with Blue Tie