HOTTEST Spring/Summer Groom WEDDING Looks for 2019/2020!

What are the coolest Wedding trends for men?

2019/2020 are becoming the most flexible seasons for men’s wedding fashion, which means, almost anything goes! We’re seeing a lot of color, we’re seeing jacquards, and we’re seeing a LOT of textured suits in place of tuxedos. However, that’s not to say we haven’t been seeing tuxedos, because we have, and they are AMAZING! Lighter colors are dominating the Spring and Summer wedding space, and we’re absolutely loving them. Here are some of our favorites for this year!

Light Grey Black Satin Shawl Tuxedo

Forest Green Two Piece Suit

Light Pink Textured Three Piece Suit

Textured Light Brown Three Piece Suit

Classic Black Two Piece Tuxedo

White Paisley Formal Jacket with Black Accents

Black Jacquard Jacket with Black Satin Shawl Collar