How It Works

Your Private Consultation

There is nothing quite like the luxury of having your wardrobe, wedding suit or tuxedo custom-made. It validates your level of success. The experience is truly enjoyable, unique, personalized and private. Best of all, you’ll have your wardrobe, or wedding attire that gives the right image and fits you exactly the way it should!

Here is when your Giorgenti designer/stylist gets to know you. It’s a ‘conversation’ rather than a ‘sale’. The consultation is where Giorgenti has the opportunity to get a sense of who you are. This gives us an opportunity to understand for which occasion you will be wearing your suit, sport coat or tuxedo. We will discuss the Instagram or Pinterest picture you may have brought to show us, or we will design your outfit for you. Your consultant also gets to learn about your dressing needs, profession, as well as how you work, travel, and what style best suits your needs. If it is for a wedding, we will discuss the theme of the wedding, what colors the bridal party will be wearing, as well as the venue or destination. This evaluation helps create what will become some of the subtleties and design details of your custom clothing.

Measurements and Assessment.

Your personal designer/clothier will take over 30 measurements and evaluate your personal attributes including body shape, hair and eye color, skin tone and physique, as these collectively become the basis for which we can build and create custom clothing that’s right for you. We are highly skilled with years of experience doing this. Getting into the nuances of the shape of your face, your height and so on, leads your personal designer/tailor to a better understanding of what styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, and such, looks best on you. Giorgenti’s clothing will dramatically enhance your appearance, because the clothing is designed specifically for you, and complements your physical attributes.

Our Fabrics and Construction

Giorgenti uses the very best Italian premiere fabrics from renowned fabric mills. We use the finest canvas fronts in the industry made from goat hair. Giorgenti New York combines Old-World Italian heritage with cutting edge technology to make our custom made suits, sport coats, tuxedos, dress shirts, dress pants the best in the industry.

Customizing is the Key

It’s at this point that the crafting of the suit, shirt, or sport coat ensemble begins. From selecting fabrics of different colors, patterns and textures that complement you, then choosing custom linings, buttonhole thread colors, buttons and trims right down to the name label inside your suit, tuxedo or sport coat and the monogramed initials on your shirt sleeve, your wardrobe becomes along with styling options that will create the look that is perfect for you, and will certainly garner tons of compliments.

The result: A well-fitting, elegant, modern look that’s personal and refined.

Why Experience Giorgenti New York?

Giorgenti doesn’t just make custom clothing; rather we gain your trust by defining your image with powerful wardrobes. Whether a suit, sport coat, tuxedo, custom fitted jeans, shirts, or casual wear, each is crafted and tailored like a work of art by our highly experienced skilled master tailors. The clothes reflect the personal insight that Giorgenti develops with all their clients, so your appearance, sense of self and success all come together ensuring an exceptional fit and look that is sure to command the attention from your friends, colleagues and peers.