How To Care For Your Dress Shirt!

Caring For Your Dress Shirts at Home

Caring for your dress shirts is the first step when maintaining a shirts longevity. If you want your shirts to last, harsh dry-cleaning chemicals are not necessarily your best bet, and they can dry out and ruin a dress shirts fiber, and ultimately shorten it’s lifespan. Here are the foolproof steps in taking care of your dress shirts at home!

Pre-soak your shirt in cold water and treat stains with a spot-bar.

In cold water, soak your dress shirt before anything else, and begin treating pit stains and collar yellowing with a spot-bar or wash-bar. The pre-soak water can also be treated with a non-harsh detergent to allow for easier cleaning.

Place in the wash with cold water ONLY

Once any problem stains have been treated, you may put your shirt through a calm wash cycle with cold water and detergent to freshen up your shirt.

Allow your shirt to line dry, and then press while still damp!

after removing your shirt from the wash, allow it to hang and line dry until slightly damp. While the shirt is still damp, you may turn your iron onto the appropriate cotton setting, and press the shirt while slightly damp to allow for cleaner, crisper edges and presses, making your shirt look brand new!

Allow your shirt to hang after a pressing to dry.

Making sure your shirt hangs rather than folding it allows for your shirt to hold it’s freshly pressed shape until it’s ready for wear!

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