How To Wear Blazers With Jeans, by GIORGENTI!

Why We Love Blazers With Jeans

This year, wearing jeans with a suit jacket or patterned blazer has become one of the biggest Menswear trends, and is now so easy to pull off! You can dress this outfit up with the addition of a dress shirt and tie, or dress it down but keep it classy with a trim-fit t shirt! You can also mix it up by adding a nice vest to your outfit for that little extra bit of formal essence to the outfit. Here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration to make the most out of your wardrobe:

Burgundy Plaid with Overdye Jeans and White Shirt and Tie

Blue Plaid Blazer with Black Jeans and Black T Shirt

Olive Green Tweed Blazer and Vest and Dark Wash Jeans with Denim Dress Shirt

Light Grey Tweed Blazer with Sweater and Black Jeans