Filshie & Co.
Knows How To Stand Out

Are you using your wardrobe as an effective marketing tool, to separate yourself from the crowd?
Giorgenti knows your needs as an insurance professional and financial planner. With her empowering clothing she will visually portray you as a successful and reliable professional! Giorgenti will creatively use the subliminal messages of a successful wardrobe to establish credibility in order to put your client at ease. Your suit is more than clothing. It’s a business tool. Used effectively, your wardrobe can create different impressions for different clients.

Giorgenti will select suits that work for formal meetings or more casual clothing for less formal friendly consultations. In either setting, your demeanor will say a lot about you and your concern for your client. Soothing earth tones put a client at ease, projecting warmth and friendship, while high contrast attire, like dark suits with light shirts, shows strength and power. Selecting the right suit will be critical to your client’s impression of you. Giorgenti will show you how to make this work.

Because Giorgenti has direct access to textile mills, we offer the finest quality at a fraction of the price. The Giorgenti suit is no more expensive than the average retail store’s suit.

But at Giorgenti you get personal service and a totally custom tailored solution.

Your Giorgenti suit will be made of the finest fabrics and fit better than any suit you have ever owned. Our wardrobe consultants will also show you which fabrics and styles work best for your career and lifestyle.

Take advantage of our special wardrobe packages available for the insurance professionals and financial planners. Visually empower yourself by calling our offices today to schedule a wardrobe consultation, or fill out the form below and one of our consultants will call you tomorrow.