The denim jean, since the dawn of its creation, has always been a man’s best friend.  Offering its amazing durability, and if made correctly, it’s high level of comfort, almost every man owns that “favorite pair of jeans.” 

With the new modern technology taking over the fashion industry, denim jeans have only gotten better and better. At Giorgenti, we offer the latest, and only the finest, denim jeans for the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. All of our colorways and fits are meticulously chosen to be able to be worn with almost anything within a man’s pre-existing wardrobe. At Giorgenti, we strive for maximum wardrobe versatility, this is why our clients love our jeans so much. 

Our jeans are made with only the finest Japanese denim that there is to offer. These jeans are crafted with the finest cotton available in the world, beautifully finished with only secret Japanese tradition, have a “brushed back weft” for a soft, blanket like feel on the inside of the legs, and just a small touch of Lycra for stretch.