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Starting at $895

Giorgenti’s hallmark. The industry standard for made-to-measure. Giorgenti is the leader in fused and performance enhanced technology. Utilizing exclusive woven fusibles from Freudenberg of Germany, Giorgenti’s made-to-measure is the best value in tailored clothing today.

Soft Fused Construction

Giorgenti helped pioneer soft fused technology. Light, lofty, and buttery to
the hand,Giorgenti’s new soft jackets are a marvel to our clients. Specifically designed for use
on lightweight finer cloths, our soft fused construction gives both stability and a soft gentle
roll to the lapel.

Each Giorgenti garment is individually designed on our custom CAD system
for each client. The garment is computer cut and machine sewn to your specifications.
Hailed as one of the best buys in
the industry, our made-to-measure is a tremendous value for your wardrobe.