Men’s Custom Blazers

Giorgenti Tailor-Makes the Best Custom Blazers in NY


NY’s trendiest fashion statement right now is the Men’s Blazer. Over the past few years there has been a change to a more calm, casual style for men and the NY custom blazer is the answer. A custom blazer is very handy. Put it with a shirt and tie over dress pants and you have an ideal business casual outfit. Wear your custom blazer with an opened collared dress shirt and pants and you have an outfit suitable for a business casual setting, networking, the country club, dining out, and social events. Then change up the look and wear your custom blazer with a turtleneck, crew neck sweater, or with a pair of slim-fitted jeans for a fashionable NY casual look.

A Custom Blazer is Perfect for a NY Zoom Meeting


Although it is a Zoom meeting, it does not mean you should dress sloppy. We know you are not in the office, but on Zoom, you still want to convey the same professionalism. A custom blazer will give you the right presence and more visual power, in NY style! Wearing a custom blazer with a dress shirt, turtleneck sweater, or a crew neck, will make you look astute.

A Custom Blazer is Perfect for the NY Casual Chic Look


Wear your custom blazer with a crew neck sweater, T-shirt, or a turtleneck sweater over a well-fitting pair of jeans and you have just changed yourself into a fashionable guy with an up-scale persona. This look is fantastic for any work situation, a night out in the city, or just the great feeling of being well-dressed!

An NY Custom Blazer Will Impress your Date


You have just met your match on a dating app and now you want to make a good impression during your first meeting. Do not screw it up by being the guy who dresses poorly. It’s important you make a strong first impression! Show that you are a gentleman with a great sense of style.

Be an Innovator!


For men who love being a trendsetter and dressing well, a fashionable blazer gives you this opportunity. Pair your blazer over a solid-colored hoodie or wear it with a T-shirt and joggers for an urban stylish look. A clean low top sneaker will complete the outfit.

Which NY Blazer Colors Are the Most Popular?


The most common colors in blazers are charcoal blazers, navy blazers, and black blazers, however these days, men embrace color. Also, trending are burgundy blazers, green blazers, purple blazers, teal blazers, red blazers, pink blazers, orange blazers, light blue blazers, white blazers, brown blazers, light grey blazers, and royal blue blazers.

What Fabrics are Best for a Custom Blazer?


At Giorgenti New York, we use several types of fabrics to construct our custom blazers in. A superior twill wool makes a wonderful blazer. We also prefer blazers made from renewable and eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo blazers and silk blazers. For Summer, men like the coolness of a seersucker blazer, or a linen blazer. It is all at the preference of our clients.

In NY, Men Are Wearing Deconstructed Blazers, Unconstructed Blazers, and Unlined Blazers


There are men who like a light-weight blazer. Something drapey and more comfortable. These custom blazers are exactly that. Deconstructed blazers, or unstructured blazers are made without linings, shoulder pads, or interfacings, making them more relaxed and lighter. These custom blazers are a good choice for a casual look while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Are There Blazers Made out of Stretch Fabrics?


Yes! Fabric technology has evolved, and the active sportswear scene is the origin for stretch blazers. It is called often called “athleisure wear!” The idea is a type of clothing that takes you from the gym, to work, all the way to the cocktails!

Need Help Putting Your NY Custom Blazer Outfit Together?


We can do that! Putting together great combinations can be difficult, however, Giorgenti New York’s team of specialized fashion designers are here to help you choose a custom blazer that best suits your needs. You can email, text, call, or book your appointment online. At Giorgenti, we make the finest look even better!