Men’s Custom Suit

Why a Mens Custom Suit?


Once you wear a mens custom suit, you will understand the feel of luxury. A mens custom suit is made specifically for you. It wears better and lasts longer than a mass produced, or a made to measure suit. A custom garment is designed and tailored to your exact specifications, using fabrics from luxury cloth to ensure confidence and comfort. Once you put it on, you can tell the world of difference! So, don’t be surprised if your GIORGENTI New York men’s custom suit is the best suit that you have ever owned.

Your GIORGENTI Men’s Custom Suit Speaks Volumes About You


Your GIORGENTI New York Men’s custom suit is an expression of who you are and how people will perceive you. Our process is all about getting to know you. What is your style preference, what color, texture, pattern, and cloth do you like? Then there are the style details. To ensure we design the right custom style for you, our talented clothiers will help you choose from over 500 suiting and shirt fabrics. At GIORGENTI New York, we can help you build your entire wardrobe, including custom suits, custom shirts, custom made dress pants, custom sport coats and blazers – even custom made tuxedos.

The Fabric Selection


Our customers are guided by our designers to help you select fabrics from the finest Merino wools, cashmere, linen, cotton, seersucker, bamboo, and silk. Drawing from our fourth-generation Italian heritage, we manage the process from consultation, through measuring to weaving and to the final construction by our master tailors. The pattern is solely and exclusively yours. GIORGENTI New York crafts your mens custom made suit to your exact specifications in our own facilities. From sheep to suit, GIORGENTI New York controls the whole process.

A Mens Custom Suit is All About the Details


Bespoke details can include special linings, button choice, functional buttonholes, ticket pockets, pic stitching, and contrasting stitching. Your suit style can be a single or double breasted, with a peak lapel, notched lapel, or a shawl collar. Your suit can also be made as a three piece suit which includes a vest. All these features not only make your men’s custom suit a statement, but also helps it function in a way that serves you best.

Our Measurement Process


Our measuring process makes your men’s custom suit a perfect fit. We take a full 31 measurements, including your posture and shoulder slope using a special tool called an incline devise. We also take photos of you, so our master tailors understand the nuances of your body. Our measurements are so precise we even know how to accommodate for the size of your watch.

Not Sure Which Men’s Custom Suit is Best for You?


With the help of your GIORGENTI New York stylist we will select the perfect attire for your wedding, business, casual, and social needs. We will help you select the perfect cloth, choosing from hundreds of fabrics and a wide array of features and options. We also take into consideration your hair color, eye color, skin tone, and physique. If you have a picture from Pinterest, Instagram, or any social media platform we will create that look or design your custom mens suit entirely from scratch.

Where is GIORGENTI New York Located?

We are conveniently located to Long Island, New York City, and the Tristate area. So, call text, email, or book your appointment online for the best fitting and best-looking men’s custom suit, that will give you confidence and get you compliments.