Men’s Custom Wedding Suit

Men’s Custom Wedding Suits


What Custom Wedding Suit is Best for You?


Increasingly popular are custom wedding suits for grooms. Today, custom wedding suits are preferred over tuxedos because grooms feel the suit can be worn after the wedding for other events, such as business attire or a suit for other special occasions. Selecting the color and style should be based on your wedding theme. Some grooms want a custom wedding suit for a formal wedding, whereas for others it may be a destination wedding.

Which Styles are Best for a Custom Wedding Suit?


There are many popular styles. A groom can wear a two piece suit or a three piece suit for his wedding. There are various lapel styles such as a peak lapel, notch lapel, or a shawl collar. Three piece wedding tuxedos may include a 5 button vest with a notch or peak lapel, a 5-button V neck vest, a U-shape double breasted or a single breasted vest, a double breasted V neck vest, or a shawl collared vest.

What are the Most Popular Colors for a Custom Wedding Suit?


There are dozens of color options to choose from for your custom wedding suit. You should take into consideration what colors the wedding party is wearing and the color theme of your wedding. The color choice should also flatter your personal coloration such as your hair color, eye color and skin tone. Your venue choice also makes a difference. Is it a destination wedding, a fall wedding, a winter wedding, or summer wedding? Will you be taking pictures indoors or outdoors? How casual or formal is your wedding? Once these factors are considered you can choose an appropriate color for your men’s custom wedding suit. There are numerous color options. Most popular are a light grey custom wedding suit, a charcoal wedding suit, a burgundy custom wedding suit, a white custom made wedding suit, a light blue custom wedding suit, a royal blue men’s custom wedding suit, a navy custom wedding suit, a green custom wedding suit, a brown custom wedding suit and a black custom wedding suit.

Not Sure Which Custom Wedding Suit is Your Best Choice?


Don’t worry! Giorgenti New York makes this easy for you. Our team of talented designers will help you select the ideal custom wedding suit. It’s simple! Just bring in a picture from Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media and we can duplicate it, or we will design it with you. You can call, email, or book an appointment online for the wedding suit of your dreams.