Giorgenti Dress Shirts

Paisley Printed Untucked Custom Shirt with Trim

Your daily warm-weather wardrobe should definitely consist of a few printed custom dress shirts, tailored perfectly to your frame.

White with Blue Box Grid Custom Dress Shirt

Custom dress shirts have become a daily staple in the businessman’s wardrobe.

Lavender with White Plaid Custom Dress Shirt

Adding a touch of color to your wardrobe is always something to be appreciated by the wearer and observers alike.

Grey & Black Windowpane Stretch Custom Dress Shirt

Introducing our 91/9 Nylon/Spandex shirting collection, these shirts have a true 4-way 9% stretch throughout the entire body!

Floral Print Custom untucked dress Shirt

Pink hues and blue tones have always married so well with each other. They simply just work so beautifully together. It’s very hard to find a more appealing pair than pink and blue.

White Multicolor Floral Print Custom Untucked Shirt

Floral prints have become one of Mens-wear’s most popular and fashion-forward prints for high-end luxury garments.