Meet The Team

The Designers behind your Visions

Janine Giorgenti
CEO & founder

Janine Giorgenti CEO and founder of GIORGENTI Custom Clothing is passionate about men’s and women’s image.

A fourth-generation Italian American Designer, her custom made clothing is fashioned with old-world craftsmanship coupled with cutting-edge technology. Ms. GIORGENTI is committed to customer satisfaction that is simply unmatched in the custom clothing and fashion industry.

More about Janine:

For over three decades, Janine Giorgenti, renowned fashion designer and image consultant, has established a reputation of satisfying clients who have enjoyed unparalleled service with her high-quality custom-made suits, sport coats, custom dress shirts, overcoats, tuxedos, wedding suits, casual wear and athleisure wear. Featured in Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and numerous other top media outlets, Ms. Giorgenti has established a clientele of some of the world’s most successful and distinguished professionals, sports figures, politicians, and celebrities as well as customers who just want to look their best. Her numerous media appearances, and “Dress for Success” seminars have established her as a world authority on image enhancement. Ms. Giorgenti is a sought-after custom clothier, image consultant and speaker for Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Ernst & Young, Meryl Lynch, JP Morgan the New York Bar Association and numerous more.

Adapting to the times, GIORGENTI has also expanded her business to include women’s tailored clothing and the wedding market. With the desire for men and women to look their best on their wedding day, Janine Giorgenti has made her name in the custom wedding market, making tuxedos and wedding suits for that special day in a man or woman’s life when he or she says,
“I do”.

Janine Giorgenti has also launched a new brand of athleisure wear, consisting of comfortable stretch and performance fabrics which takes her customers from a leisurely day at the gym, to hop on a Zoom meeting, to the office and out to dinner.

Alejandro Jomar Ramirez
CO owner & creative director

Alejandro Jomar Ramirez is a co-owner and creative director for GIORGENTI New York. A leading menswear fashion designer, and iconic fashion influencer, Alejandro brings GIORGENTI clients the latest in men’s and women’s fashion, coupled with the latest in fabric technologies.

As creative director, Alejandro and the GIORGENTI team have been able to design the most up-to-date styles that no other custom clothier has. Alejandro has studied at top fashion schools, including F.I.T., Parsons, and Pratt.

Alejandro Jomer Ramirez sees fashion as it relates to the individual and works whole-heartedly to design the desired look that makes GIORGENTI’s clients look their best.

Shaw Giorgenti
Financial Consultant

Shaw is GIORGENTI’s 5th generation. While Shaw has a passion for fashion, he is the company’s compass and Chief Financial Officer.

Shaw’s business fashion acumen has guided the GIORGENTI New York brand into new markets reaching new heights.

Shaw often appears with GIORGENTI New York’s talented fashion director, Alejandro Ramirez, modeling GIORGENTI’s menswear collection on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and in advertisements across all social media platforms.

aneesah saeed
ux/ui Website designer

Aneesah Saeed is the UX/UI website designer for GIORGENTI making sure the website is engaging, accessible, and user friendly for all.

She is a User Experience/User Interface design Boot Camp graduate from Columbia University.

Her goal is to use her background and skills to assist GIORGENTI’s efforts in providing a meaningful and relevant experience to users to help clients find the clothing of their dreams.

Juan Vides
SEO Director

Juan is a top tier SEO wizard. You can have the most beautiful custom clothing website, but if no one sees it in a Google search then what’s the point?

This is where our SEO director Juan Vides shines. Juan is GIORGENTI’s megaphone that shouts out who we are and highlights our magnificent custom clothing for the world to see.

Christian Hicks

The beautiful photography you see throughout GIORGENTI New York’s website and social media platforms is the work of our talented photographer Christian Hicks.

Corinthia Giorgenti
Social Media & Marketing Director

Corinthia is the 5th generation of the GIORGENTI Custom Clothing brand.

Daughter of Janine GIORGENTI, famed designer, and CEO of GIORGENTI New York, Corinthia has found her talent in marketing.

Corinthia is the face of GIORGENTI New York’s women’s custom clothing collection, where you will find her modeling our exciting woman’s collection across all GIORGENTI New York’s social media platforms.

Mauricio Vides
Website Developer

Mauricio Vides is a master website developer. No company can be successful without a dynamic, great website.

Mauricio is GIORGENTI’s web developer who codes and maintains GIORGENTI New York’s website. What we have achieved is a “living site”, where our clients tell their own clothing experience, co-creating their designs with our talented design team.

Our website consists of their testimonials and pictures of them wearing their GIORGENTI outfits.

Craig Purcell

Craig Purcell, former president of the Suffolk Bar Association and former VP of the New York State Bar Association is of counsel for GIORGENTI New York.