An overcoat is a topcoat that is worn over a men’s jacket, men’s suit, men’s sport coat, men’s blazer, sweater with dress pants, or even jeans and a T shirt. Once a clothing item solely worn to keep men protected from the elements and warm, today men’s overcoats have become a desirable trend and the latest fashion.

Over Coats Make a Fashion Statement


For decades women wore fashion and color, while men wore traditional men’s clothing giving little thought to fashion. Thanks to the Millennials and Gen Z this has changed in a major way. Today, men want style and are not afraid of color. They have a sense of flair and want to express themselves. The overcoat and topcoat are a noticeably big part of this fashion statement. The overcoat is as much about taste as it is about warmth. For men, the overcoat is the finishing statement, the period, and the punctuation mark!

What is Different About Classic Overcoats and Modern Topcoats


Many times, it is about the style, length, fabric, color, and texture. Todays fashionable men would rather wear a smart looking shorter length overcoat than a jacket. Often the overcoat is textured and has interesting details. Men’s coats can be a neutral color, or a fashion color.

What are the Different Styles for Men’s Overcoats?

Single breasted with a notch lapel, double breasted with a peak lapel and a fly front with a top collar are the most popular overcoat and topcoat styles men wear. The traditional length is below the knee. However, popular today are the shorter coat lengths for a trendier look.

What Are Some Trendy Men’s Car Coat Styles?

The four buttoned zipper front or a button fly front men’s coat and the double breasted with shoulder and sleeve tabs lend to a trendy chic sport coat look.

What Are the Various Back Styles Used for Men’s Overcoats?

Overcoats can have various back styles that make a men’s coat look more interesting. Most popular are the strap back, the button strap back and the sash tie.

What Fabrics Are Best for Men’s Overcoats and Men’s Topcoats?

The best fabrics for men’s overcoats and topcoats are medium to heavy weight high quality wools which can be tailored into overcoats. Cashmere is a very luxurious fabric used for overcoats for men who want something special. Wools mixed with angora, alpaca and mohair add luster, texture, and warmth to your overcoat.

The Most Popular Colors for Men’s Overcoats, and Topcoats

Black overcoats, navy overcoats, camel overcoats, vicuna overcoats, brown overcoats, cognac overcoats, olive overcoats and lighter grey men’s overcoats are the most popular colors.

Which Are the Fashion Colors for Overcoats and Topcoats?

Men are no longer afraid to express themselves by wearing color. The trending fashion forward popular colors today are, bright blue, teal, purple and red.

What Patterns Are the Most Popular for Men’s Overcoats?


Men love texture for their overcoats and topcoats. Most popular are the houndstooth, glen plaid, plaid, fashion plaid, windowpane, herringbone, diamond weave and check.

What Patterns Are the Most Popular for Men’s Overcoats?


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