Proper Measurements

Why Taking Proper Measurements Are So Important

The fit is the most important aspect of any custom garment. It requires the ability to take proper measurements. There are only a handful of master clothiers/tailors with the skill set to do this, because it takes years to perfect.

The Measuring Process

Giorgenti’s designers are master fitters, a rare bird, far from what you will find in many so called Made to Measure stores posturing as “custom made”. If the measurements are taken incorrectly, the results will be disastrous. If the measurements are incorrect, the best pattern maker will not be able to make your garment fit correctly. Our clothiers are so skilled, that most of our new clients require little or no alterations.

Making your Pattern

Giorgenti combines Old-World craftsmanshipcoupled with cutting edge patternmaking technology. Once the measurements are taken, they need to be translated into a pattern. Each client receives their own uniquepattern. Every single client’s pattern is different from one another. People tend to confuse custom made with Made to Measure. In making a custom made garment, your skilled clothier/tailor literally maps out your body, creating a personal pattern, whereas made to measure clothing uses a stock pattern, and makes slight modifications to try to match your bodies measurements. This is far from true custom. A realcustom made pattern is made from scratch.