Custom Sport Coats

Sport coats have taken on a whole new importance in men’s clothing. Once a clothing item a man would wear for a dinner at an expensive restaurant, or at a country club, has in many ways replaced the suit in the work place.

The Power Casual Sports Coat

There is a reason why the General doesn’t wear the privates uniform. In the hierarchy of men’s dress, wearing a sport coat to work elevates the level of command and respect a man gets.

The Hierarchy of the Sport Coat

The sport coat with a dress shirt, tie and dress pants

If you wear your sport coat with a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, a nice pair of stylish leather shoes and a belt, you will look commanding and very successful. Almost on par as if you wore a business suit and tie, but in a slightly less formal manner. Still, you look like you mean business!

The Sport Coat Preppy Look

A favorite for many men which was once traditional, but now has turned into a trendier, cool look, is to wear your sport coat with an opened collar shirt and a crew neck or V-neck sweater. A man can wear this with well-fitted jeans or dress pants. Footwear for this outfit can be loafers, leather slip-on shoes, or trendy boots.

The sport coat with jeans for a casual chic look.

To achieve this look you need to make sure your sport coat is a modern cut, the shirt fits well, and the jean is spot on. This look can be very cool or down right sloppy looking. You can choose to wear an open collared dress shirt in a solid, stripe, plaid or print, or you can wear a fine gage turtleneck sweater, crew neck, or a quality well-fitted T-shirt. The footwear can be a boot, casual leather shoe, or a trendy sneaker. The key here is the fit and combination. When done right this is a great look to wear on a date, out to dinner, for business casual days where jeans are acceptable, or for those men who just like to dress well to look good.

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Why you need our Giorgenti design team!

It’s easy to throw on a suit and look well-dressed. With a sport coat it takes more thought and planning, because you need the right clothing combinations and the proper fit to make it work. When it’s put together appropriately, you will look stylish and will receive tons of compliments. If it is thrown together in a haphazard way you are doing yourself a disservice.

Our talented team of designers will help you style your sport coat

At Giorgenti Custom Clothing, you will work with our experienced team of talented designers/stylists. We will guide you into choosing the best style options that will work for your business or social situation. Call GIORGENTI today, or book an appointment online.

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