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What are suit lapels?

Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth in the shape of a notch, peak or shawl, and they are on the front of suits or sport coats. Lapels are standard on business and formal attire. They are usually created by wrapping over the front edges of the suit or jacket fabric and sewing it to the collar.

What lapel shape is best for me?

Our clients ask this question the most. It depends on the look you want to achieve and what looks best on the individual. 

The Notch Lapel

The most conservative and prevalent on men’s suits, vests, and sport coats are notch collars — the width changes with the trends of the times. Notch collars toggle between narrow, medium, and wide. They are used for more traditional formal tuxedos and very common on overcoats.

The Peak Lapel

Peak lapels point upwards at the seam and are considered formal or vintage attire. They are frequently used to indicate an upscale occasion, especially for tuxedos. They also portray the sophisticated era of The Great

Gatsby. Today, the peak lapel has made a huge comeback and is popular among trendy suits, vests and tuxedo wearers. Peak lapels visually broaden the wearer’s shoulders and give a more masculine image.

The Shawl Collar

A shawl collar has a roll and lapel in one piece that continues from the back of the neck to the front closure. Shawl collars are a trendy choice on single breasted suits, tuxedos or coats. Today they are stylish for tuxedoes and vests. Shawl collars look good on people who have more angular features. They do not look as good on people with round-shaped faces and features.