Summer Suit Favorites!

Because You Shouldn’t Be Satisfied Wearing Shorts and a T-Shirt…

Many may disagree with me, but if you’re at work in the office, shorts and a t-shirt just won’t cut it. It’s inappropriate, and trust me, nobody wants to to see that. Now we know most businesses these days run a business casual dress code, however there is a very fine line between business casual, and just casual. But trust us, it makes ALL the difference.

An easy way to look impeccable, yet staying comfortable and not “too overdressed” is to take your suit and pair it with a nice clean t shirt. Whether it is a patterned suit, or a solid, this look always comes out killer!

Jeans, to a degree, have become accepted as part of the business casual wardrobe. However, there is a proper way to go about wearing them correctly. Take a nice fitting pair of jeans and throw them on with a dress shirt and a blazer for a smart and casual look that comes widely respected by all.

For a very hot day, try wearing a nice clean dress shirt with just a pair of crisp pressed trousers. This is always a go-to for a daily look!

One of the best outfits for the office during those summer days is to throw a nice vest over your dress shirt to compensate for going tie-less! This is an easy way to take your outfit to the next level.

For those who love to dress (and you should), the ultimate outfit is to throw on a nice linen blazer with a contrasting vest and pair of trousers. Wether you go tie-less with this one, or throw on the tie for extra class, this outfit is definitely the one that earns the most respect from all, especially us! 😉