New Times Call for a New Way of Dressing

COVID has changed our lives and our dressing habits. Once suited for work, many men are now working remotely on Zoom in their sweats and T-shirts. Also, temporally gone are the days of dressing for events and special occasions. However, we are now realizing that even while doing business via video conferencing, there is a need to look professional. This phenomenon has now created a need for professional clothing that has the comfort of a jogger and a hoodie.


Athleisure-wear is the new term for clothing that is a hybrid between jogging and yoga type clothing transformed into professional softly constructed, comfortable clothing. With the innovation of performance-enhanced stretch fabrics, there is a new casual approach to men’s clothing. GIORGENTI has been developing these new and exciting styles for our new 2021 Custom Clothing Collection! 

The Swacket – the New Men’s Essential Jacket!​

The “Swacket” is a jacket made of stretch knit. It is literally the combination of a sweater and a jacket – hence the name Swac-ket!

What is amazing about this garment is that it is completely knit, and unconstructed with no lining, which makes this essential jacket stretch and is as cozy and comfortable as a sweater. Imagine, instead of a traditional blazer or sportscoat a stretch sweater-jacket. These garments can be completely custom made to your liking, with peak or notch lapels, patch, or flap pockets, and even with your choice of piping on the exposed seams, as you see here!

Totally Versatile

Best of all, these versatile jackets are completely wrinkle free and water resistant. They can literally be worn with anything! Dress it up with a stretch GIORGENTI shirt and tie or throw it on over a T-shirt and jogger pants. Look dapper wearing a Swacket over a turtleneck with stretch jeans, or a crew knit sweater worn with GIORGENTI’s new four-way stretch dress pants.  

GIORGENTI Swackets are available in all types of prints, patterns, and colors.  The Swacket is the modern man’s essential jacket! 

Work with our Creative Design Team

You will love working with our creative design team. Your personal designer will help you make the best choices according to your wardrobe needs. Your clothier will help create outfits that flatter your hair color, eye color, skin tone and personal physique and body type. We will help you coordinate wardrobe combinations for you to look your best for every occasion.