I was introduced to Janine by a very good friend and business associate. All he said was, “just meet with her, you’ll see what I’m talking about.” I went to her office to get measured as well as getting to know her a little better and the experience was fantastic. It is easy to recognize quality when quality is in front of you; from her recommendations in color, to her advanced and high quality fabrics, the experience has been nothing but superb. Many of my clients have given me great compliments whenever I wear her products and I’m quick to mention her name. Being in the fast pace world that is investments and financial planning, the last thing I want to worry about is making sure I look professional, and I can honestly say, it isn’t a concern anymore. If you are in the market for high quality clothes, or even if you already have a clothier or fashion designer, I highly recommend you get a second opinion, she will become your first choice. I’m extremely satisfied and will be coming back for more, way more.