I am to the point now…that I do not want to be in the public business world without being dressed in some part of my Giorgenti Wardrobe! It was after walking into a business event…having clients and friends immediately notice my new “Giorgenti Look,” that I realized clothes really do help make the man…the #GiorgentiMan! After having Janine Giorgenti design and make my first suit…a striking Indigo striped suit, then a great light gray suit, them a horde of dress shirts followed by incredible French Cuff Shirts…which are now my favorite (I love cuff links)..I then ordered something even more special…an updated Giorgenti Tuxedo (incredible!)…which I unveiled at one of my fav charity events my fellow #UnitedMavericks and I host, which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, “A Night On The Town!” I am so happy with the Giorgenti experience, that I just ordered…yes, another suit! My medium gray, light blue pinstriped, spring and summer suit, will be ready for me to do business in very soon. But most of all, it is the personal attention I get from the company’s Chief Menswear Designer and CEO, Janine Giorgenti, whether at her Rockefeller Plaza, NYC or Long Island Studio’s, that is the real star on the lapel!