4-Way Stretch Custom Dress Shirts

Now that we’re starting to get back in the swing of routine office life, it’s time to revisit your daily wardrobe. We know that after having worn pajamas for work when working from home, it can be hard to go back to regular clothing after being spoiled from the comfort of lounge apparel. Well, GIORGENTI now has picked up a complete line of Custom Made 4-Way Stretch Dress Shirts, which literally stretch like bubblegum!

Perfect For Your Business Casual Wardrobe!

Our new collection of stretch shirts present professionally, crisp, and clean, perfect for daily life in the office. It’s so easy to pair these shirts with any custom dress pants, custom cotton chinos, or even custom suits!

Lycra Fibers That Stretch 5 Times Their Size!

Lycra is a branded version of Elastane of higher quality, which can stretch up to 500 times their own size depending on how they are made. These fibers not only have a stretch factor to them, they also have a moisture-wicking property to them as well. Due to the smooth nature of Lycra, they translate exquisitely to a buttery soft garment.

Prints & Patterns For Untucked Stretch Shirts!

These shirts are just as beautiful untucked as they are tucked in, and come in a beautiful array of endless colors and prints to choose from! From muted tone-on-tone micro checks to vibrant multicolor florals, there are shirts in our collection for virtually any occasion. These shirts untucked work stupendously with jeans or chinos for the perfect urban look!

They Look Just Like Dress Shirts!

Treated with the same love and attention that all of our garments are given, these shirts are made with the same measurements and custom patterns that we use for any other shirt. These just have that added stretch factor that make these custom dress shirts feel like t-shirts! Available in all plaids, checks, ginghams, prints, and solids, you can literally construct your entire shirt wardrobe from these!

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!