The New Wedding Tuxedos

Wedding Tuxedos for Men Have Evolved

For decades, the bride wore the gorgeous wedding gown, and the groom wore the black rental tux, or a tux off-the rack. No more! Today, men want to express themselves garnishing as much attention as the bride and possibly more so.

Colorful Wedding Tuxedos Have Taken Center Stage

Who would have thought that less than a half a decade ago grooms would don purple tuxedos, pink tuxedos, red tuxedos, green tuxedos, burgundy tuxedos, bright blue tuxedos, brown tuxedos, rust tuxedos, orange tuxedos and ivory tuxedos, instead of the classic black wedding tuxedo.

Three Piece Tuxedos Steal the Show

Three piece tuxedos have become increasingly popular. One of the reasons is that after the ceremony, men like to take their tuxedo jackets off and the tuxedo vest gives the wedding outfit a finished look. 

The Vest has become an Integral Part of the Wedding Tuxedo

When we talk about tuxedo vests, these vests are not plain and ordinary. What men are wearing are embellished tuxedo vests. U shaped tuxedo vests, double breasted tuxedo vests, shawl collar tuxedo vests, notched collar tuxedo vests, V shaped tuxedo vests. Popular are paisley vests, floral vests, and brocade vests. Vests are also trending in colors like white tuxedo vests, black tuxedo vests, pink tuxedo vests, purple tuxedo vests, bright blue tuxedo vests, green tuxedo vests, red tuxedo vest, rust tuxedo vests, brown tuxedo vests, burgundy tuxedo vests and ivory wedding tuxedo vests. 

Double Breasted Wedding Tuxedos Have Gained Popularity

Considered trendy and cool with a bit of a wise guy vibe, these manly wedding suits are sure to receive tons of compliments from the groom’s guests. Double breasted wedding tuxedos are popular in solid colors, textures, plaids, windowpane patterns and pinstripes.

The Regal Velvet Tuxedo

Plush and regal, velvet tuxedos exude formality and decadence. From formal Great Gatsby themed weddings to wonderful winter weddings, these magnificent wedding tuxedos are sure to capture the awe of your guests. Popular colors for wedding tuxedos are plush black velvet tuxedos, deep green velvet tuxedos, burgundy and wine velvet tuxedos, as well as royal blue velvet tuxedos.

Ivory Wedding Tuxedos and White wedding Tuxedos are Show Stoppers

There is nothing purer and more elegant than a white or ivory wedding tuxedo. These tuxedos can be solid white or ivory color. These tuxedos look stunning in brocade or jacquard fabrics for a three-dimensional look. The most popular textures for wedding tuxedos are paisley wedding tuxedos, floral wedding tuxedos, or geometric wedding tuxedos.  They can be made with a white or ivory satin lapel or a black satin lapel. Many of these wedding tuxedos are solid white or ivory for both the tuxedo jacket and pant, another popular choice is a contrast white or ivory tuxedo jacket teamed with black pants.

What lapel style is Best for Me?

The three most popular lapel styles for wedding tuxedos are the notch lapel which is the most traditional. The peak lapel wedding tuxedo which has a very old-world formal look to it and the increasingly popular shawl collar tuxedo.

 How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Tuxedo Style?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will be cherishing these wedding pictures for ever. Our talented GIORGENTI team of designers will help you.  You can bring in a picture from Pinterest, Instagram,  or let us help you choose the best wedding tuxedo design to compliment your body type, physique and a color and style to match your wedding theme. Either way we promise you we will help you design the wedding suit of your dreams.