Deconstructed Blazers, Unconstructed Jackets and Unstructured Suits

Comfort is the Driving force behind Softly Constructed Clothing

Today, men want comfortable clothing. Nobody wants to feel restricted. Soft tailoring is the answer. There are many types of softly tailored, deconstructed clothing options. It may be the soft shoulder blazer, the unconstructed suit, the deconstructed sport coat, the unconstructed jacket. It all comes down to the same thing, men’s fashion that is both trendy, stylish yet comfy.

What is Deconstructed or Unstructured Clothing?

Deconstructed – unconstructed clothing looks like a regular jacket, blazer, coat, suit, or pants, without the inner structure, like shoulder pads, interlinings, fusing and linings that give clothing form. For this reason, the garment is lighter weight and softer. 

What Types of Fabrics are used to Make Soft Unconstructed Clothing?

Techno fabrics are taking center stage with unconstructed, performance enhanced clothing. Knits that stretch and have a woven appearance are made into blazers, shirts, suits, pants, jackets, and sport coats. Traditional woolens, cottons and silks mixed with lycra for stretch, give ease and comfort. Renewable fabrics made from bamboo feel silky and are great for the environment. The key component is that they are soft, stretch and are extremely comfortable.

What Purpose do People Wear Unconstructed and Deconstructed Clothing?

For any occasion! Unconstructed blazers, deconstructed Jackets, soft shoulder suits, and unstructured clothing are all part of the clothing category named Athleisure Wear. Softly tailored clothing that can take you from the gym, to a Zoom meeting, to the office and then out for cocktails. Style identity is important as this sector of clothing becomes more popular.  

Can deconstructed clothing be stylish?

Of course. There is a lot of flexibility within this sector of softly tailored and deconstructed clothing. Many combinations can be created to express one’s unique style sense. For instance, a deconstructed blazer can be worn with a dress shirt and comfortable stretch pants, the same deconstructed sport coat can be worn with a T shirt and jeans. Then for a real casual vibe the same unconstructed jacket can be worn with your favorite hoodie and drawstring pants. Each look is chic and modern.

How do I Figure out how to Create Outfits with a Deconstructed Blazer?

Some men have an innate flair for fashion while others need guidance. At Giorgenti our team of talented designers are here to help. Based on your lifestyle, personality, body type, and physique, we can help you put together a wardrobe that will suit your lifestyle and compliment your hair color, eye color and skin tone. We will help you create outfits that are perfect for the office, a zoom meeting, a night out on the town or for a special occasion.